2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Eric Alfaro

Clean Air Ambassador | Woodland, ca
Eric Alfaro
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
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    This is a photo of my grandfather, who was farmworker for many years and encountered dangerous air pollution, especially in the summers. With better controls on air pollution, we can prevent respiratory problems that plague low-income communities and other vulnerable populations.

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In the First Person:

The quality of the environment we live in affects the quality of our lives.

My home state of California is blessed with a wide range of landscapes, natural wonders, and cultural diversity. Growing up in a rural agricultural town, I learned at a very young age just how dependent we are on our environment.

The quality of the environment we live in affects the quality of our lives. My parents were once farmworkers; polluted air was always a health concern, especially in the summers. For low socio-economic Americans, preventable respiratory problems can be addressed with well-regulated controls for air pollution.

The state of California is full of majestic beauty; air quality should be no exception. Air pollution is an important issue that needs to be addressed by our elected officials.

The time to do something about air pollution is now; our future depends on it.

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