2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Gwendolyn Hunnicutt

District Of Columbia
Clean Air Ambassador | dc
Gwendolyn Hunnicutt
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    Gardening is my passion. I love to know that I grew the food that I eat. What goes into our bodies has a huge impact on our overall health, and air pollution certainly doesn’t do a body good. We need to ensure that we are consuming healthy things at all levels—in our food, our water, and the air we breathe.

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In the First Person:

This community is rich in history and committed to our community.

I live in the Kingman Park community in northeast D.C. This community is rich in history and committed to our community. We are a diverse community involved in politics and making sure our children get the best education possible. We are a close-knit community looking out for each other and offering a helping hand when needed.

In addition to potecting our community, we especially want to protect the Anacostia River to keep trash and chemicals out of the air and water. If sharing my message can help in any way, I am all for that!

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