2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Linda F. Hezel

Clean Air Ambassador | Kearney, mo
Linda F. Hezel, Ph.D.
American Nurses Association
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    Clean air is not just about human health—it’s also about planetary health. All species are affected and the impacts of dirty air permeate all levels of existence, especially food. Climate change, with its severe weather events (e.g. drought), is directly caused by air pollution. The science is undeniable. As temporary visitors on the earth, it is our responsibility to leave it in a livable condition for future generations.

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In the First Person:

With over fifteen years in direct patient care experience and over thirty years in organic food production, I combine my passions for healthy people and exquisitely flavored food t

With encouragement and support from my husband and sons, I established Prairie Birthday Farm in 1995 as a bio-diverse, sustainable land stewardship effort in order to produce the beautiful, nutritious, and flavorful food necessary for good health. This has required years of soil and plant restoration to correct the degradation wrought by conventional farming practices of previous owners.

While my sons were in elementary school, I chaired the school health committee and led the parent team to remove 15 year old carpet and collapsed air filters, wash all student surfaces, and institute integrated pest management for the school. The improved indoor air quality in conjunction with effective hand washing resulted in decreased absences due to illness from 1400 to 700 in one academic year. For that leadership I received a "Green Apple Award" from the Environmental Protection Agency, Region VII.

I earned a master's degree in community health nursing and a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction. I have over fifteen years in direct patient care providing professional nursing in the areas of critical care, home health, school health, advanced nursing practice as a certified family nurse practitioner, and as a tenured associate professor in nursing education. With that experience and over thirty years in organic food production, I combine my passions for healthy people and exquisitely flavored food to empower eaters and growers to seek and produce nutrient dense food. I am the Farm Steward and Artisanal Producer at Prairie Birthday Farm, LLC and sell directly from the Farm and to chefs at many of Kansas City's premier restaurants.

Clean air is an integral part of sustainable and productive agricultural systems. The adverse impacts of air pollution which fuel climate change increasingly threaten the agricultural integrity of food production systems globally. As a temporary resident on this beautiful earth, I am committed to educating others about the importance of defending the health of ecosystems for future generations. To ignore science is to selfishly doom our descendants to an inferior quality of life.

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