2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Susan E. Harley

Clean Air Ambassador | East Lansing, mi
Susan E. Harley
Clean Water Action
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    This is a photo of a sunset over Lake Michigan. I feel that it is my responsibility to tell the story of Michigan’s air quality and the impacts it has on our health so national leaders will make positive changes. We are seeing the effects of climate change here—lake levels are decreasing, wildfires are increasing. We need to act quickly so our economy and the Great Lakes way of life are preserved.

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In the First Person:

Unless we act quickly to clean the air, we could be jeopardizing both our economy and our Great Lakes way of life.

The environmental justice issues are real when you look at the poor air quality in communities like Detroit. And some pollution is so pervasive that all of us are exposed to hazardous levels, such as the soot from diesel vehicles we breathe during our daily commutes. Clean air not only protects health, it is essential for mitigating climate change. Michigan's agricultural crops were decimated by climate change last year when a harsh frost followed an unseasonably warm spring. We're also seeing vastly decreased lake levels, wildfires, and other climate disruption impacts. Unless we act quickly to clean the air, we could be jeopardizing both our economy and our Great Lakes way of life.

As a resident of Michigan and as Michigan Policy Director for Clean Water Action and Clean Water Action, when I come to D.C. I will be able to represent the views of Clean Water Action's over 250,000 Michigan members. Not only do our members want clean water, they want their senators and Congress members to know they want clean air to protect public health and the environment.

It's essential that lawmakers hear from their constituents, and stand strong in support of the EPA against attacks to stop rulemaking on important health and environmental safeguards, such as enforcing against power plants that have not installed life-saving air pollution reduction technology and finalizing important rules on carbon and air toxics standards. I am honored and proud to be an ambassador for my great state and doing my part to help ensure Michiganders are protected from all dangerous sources of pollution.

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