Ana Baptista

Our children grow up in an environment where they must come indoors for recess on days when there are ozone alerts and the air quality is poor.

Profession: Director of Environmental Programs
Group Affiliation: Ironbound Community Corporation

Clean Air Ambassador:

Ana Baptista

Newark, New Jersey

I grew up in and now work in the City of Newark's neighborhood called the Ironbound. My community is tremendously impacted by air pollution. Our children grow up in an environment where they must come indoors for recess on days when there are ozone alerts and the air quality is poor. One in four children in Newark suffer from asthma, in some schools the numbers are epidemic and we know air pollution is a leading contributor.

The Ironbound Community in Newark, NJ is surrounded by multiple, cumulative and disproportionate air pollution impacts—more than 300 permitted facilities including power plants, generating stations, the state's largest municipal solid waste incinerator, chemical plants, the nation's third largest seaport (Port Newark and Elizabeth), and the Newark Liberty Int. Airport. We are also surrounded by major highways such as the New Jersey Turnpike.

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Thank you for trying to improve the quality of life here in NJ. We live just off of a highway (Route 4) as well. My kids & I suffer from asthma and I have COPD. I know how important clean air is and agree that the Clean Air Act should not be modified. Thanks for taking the fight all the way to Washington!

Thank you, Ana!

As a neighbor in the town of Bloomfield, next door to Newark, I totally understand the threat of air pollution. For my part, I keep our property as green (literally & figuratively) as possible at all times. Come visit me sometime & try out my homegrown, homemade fig & strawberry jams!

Keep up the good work. We all need clean air to breathe. Again, thank you.

Thank you for making a difference for all of us!

One day, planet Earth will be green again. People will eat fresh fruits and vegetables purchased in their neighborhoods, grown organically and possibly by their own hands. School children, families, and the elderly will have a much better quality of life when there is no use for incinerators or major pollutants because market forces and government finally found a way to make zero waste a reality. The river will flow clean and strong, allowing fauna and flora to return after major cleanups and restorations. A bit of you will live in each of those realities, and more, forever.

Thank you Ana! May your voice be heard loud and clear (unlike our air) in Washington.

Thank you for going to Washington to speak for us. That we have to lobby for clean air is a sad commentary on the unconscionable support of corporate polluters by legislators in our country.
I contacted my district's Republican representative about this issue and he never responded.

If we adopt CLEAN alternative energies, we can start reversing the damage dont to our planet and we'll be all the healthier for it. WIND & SOLAR Energy versus Gas for starters.

Thanks for going to Washington to tell your story!

The rate of asthma in all age categories has been going up dramatically in this country as the air pollution increases. This not only effects the quality of life of all these individuals but adds to the medical expense incurred that drains the resources of health insurance companies, if the individual is insured or other health resources, if not. As an adult whose has been fighting asthma for only the lest few years it is very discouraging to be told than in order to effect a cure I just need to move to where the air is cleaner. Why can't we just clean the air up for all of us?

Although I live in a fairly rural area (for overcrowded New Jersey, I know the air even here is dirty: windows only stay clean until it rains, and then all the muck from the air becomes visible!
(So thank you for doing this!!)

It is with equal zeal and frustration that I write this comment. I find it so crazy we have to lobby to ask for clean air. How absurd! And yet, when I ride my bike outdoors I know how important it is - gasping for air on certain days. So it is with hope that I send this, and wish you much energy and light in your endeavor for the benefit of all, everyone who breathes.

I do a lot of outdoor activities - mainly running, biking and gardening. I do about 40 races a year throughout the state of New Jersey and can only imagine the terrible price to be paid by me for breathing in unhealthy air. Clean air is something that we should all have. Unfortunately polluting industries negate this right. Thank you for standing up for all of us.

NJ is 45th of 50 states on a recent pollution scale. It would be so nice to have cleaner air in NJ. Our planet needs us to act NOW! Thank you for playing a part in that.

Greetings Ana!

Thank you very much for being my Clean Air Ambassador. I support all your efforts to breathe clean air in Newark, New Jersey because I agree with everything you said. I went to school and worked in the Ironbound area.

To your continued success!

Some days I can barely breathe due to winds rolling the toxic fumes to our neighborhoods. I've never had asthma and rarely bouts with allergies, but I've needed an inhaler on occasion. Somethin's gotta change. Or is Big Pharma running the show? Please help. I am not alone.

My father was a research chemist at Diamond Alkalai Chemical Co on the Newark/Belleville NJ border in 1945 producing soap and agent orange. In 10 years all of his acquaintances in the plant died of cancer. As a child born to him in 1949, I too have cancer.
I AND MY SON are also extremely sensitive to any (good and bad chemicals) AND REACT STRONGLY WITH POLLUTION OF ANY KIND!
Greg has autism; his worst chemical sensitivity is heavy metals. He even throws out nutrients like cholesterol, which severely impacts his mental state when he gets below 145 total cholesterol.

Please help protect our prescious planet, our environment, our beautiful wildlife, & mankind from the pollutants that are released into the atmosphere that puts us all at risk for health concerns. It is devestating, & heatrtbreaking what is happening to our planet, & we must figure out ways to save our home, instead of bring more devestation, catastrophe, & heartache. What kind of a world will our future generations live in? The way we are going, I am afraid to even think about it. Please save our world, & all that inhabit, from disasterous results, & please let's have a healthy, & clean environment for all, & for all our future generations.

My family was originally from the Ironbound section, too. Many members of our family suffered from respiratory and other health issues created by or worsened from exposure to the industrial pollution there.

I appreciate your efforts on behalf of our entire family. Thank you.

While others fight the current Trenton administration's intentions to weaken our environmental laws at home, I salute and encourage your efforts in the nation's capital on behalf of our state to remind those elected to power by the minority who consider voting important that we cannot return to the attitudes of the 1980s or 1950s -- not as long as people like you are willing to stand up and fight these short-sighted people in their efforts to make a fast buck at the expense of the rest of us and our descendants. And since pollution transcends geographical boundaries, the fight must be waged in Washington. We are with you.

I was born and raised in the Vailsburg section of Newark and appreciate your efforts not just for Newark but for all of NJ. Thank You.

It would be great if we could all go but since we can't, know that you are supported in many other ways.

go gurl!!!

Please keep up all your efforts! Our children and the coming generations will owe you a debt of gratitude.

I too, live in New Jersey and I know of the Ironbound area in Newark where you live. I applaud your efforts to improve the quality of the air that we all must breathe. Keep on fighting for clean air.


Ana, Are you aware that smoking in all indoor public places is outlawed in New Jersey, except casinos? I'm a casino worker and have been for the last 27 years. On behalf of myself and all other casino workers and non-smoking patrons I would appreciate it if you could mention this to the powers that be. This is pure discrimination at the behest of the powerfull casino industry. The state of NJ has as much said with this situation that 99% on the citizens of this state deserve to breathe clean air, but because of money the other 1% can go die for all they care! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We the citizens of New Jersey expect and demand that our beautiful state should be in the vanguard with clean air and water! Our future, the futures of our children, and our stewardship obligation to this planet require nothing less. Keep up the good fight - we are all with you!!

Thank you!

When a company puts pollution into the air that drifts over my property,I think this is a form of trespass. The laws against trespass should give us an avenue for redress.

Keep fighting for a cleaner NJ!

Good luck Ana, and thanks for all you're doing... Greg K., Jersey City, N.J.

Thank you for what you are doing for NJ.

Wishing you well, Ana!
Great meeting you with our JustFaith group from St. Mary's, Pompton Lakes.

Good luck Ana!!! You have my support for a cleaner NJ!

Best Wishes!

Go forward with our best wishes. With so many New Jersey residents suffering from asthma and other breathing problems, we can not allow more damage to be done to our air.


Yes ... we all need clean air to breath and clean water to drink.
Thankyou for your commitment to our common environment in New Jersey ... the air.
Our air suffers from global as well as our own homegrown pollution and disregard for such a precious resource ...with out maintaining our current atmosphere we couldn’t survive.
We in Jersey live in the most densely populated state ... even more densely populated than : China, India, Japan, Mexico ,etc. ...[Goggle it] and need people like you to act as stewards of our most precious resource ...THE AIR!


Best wishes, Ana!

Thank you, Ana.
Speak on!

I hope that your knowledge and experience will carry some weight someplace, for you are fighting for the survival of all of us. No one wants to listen, and soon it will be too late for our grandchildren and perhaps even for our children. That the conditions in Newark could have been allowed to deteriorate to this point -- your numbers are frightening -- suggests that we are living in the world about which science fiction writers of the 50s and 60s warned us.

Keep up the good work.

Good luck, Ana!

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