Carol Oglesby

Certainly, one of the most important functions of government is to protect the health and safety of the citizens that it purports to serve.

Profession: School Psychologist
Group Affiliation: National Council of Churches

Clean Air Ambassador:

Carol Oglesby

Evansville, Indiana

I am a semi-retired school psychologist and have lived in Evansville, Indiana for more than five years now. I relocated here with my husband after having lived most all of my life in a southern state. My husband was born and raised in Evansville but I was the one who fell for the seasons, the beauty of the land, and the civility of the people. Each year as we visited the area, I found myself more and more attracted to the quality of life that seemed woven into the fabric of our daily experiences here.

Once my husband and I became full-time residents in Evansville, the fondness I felt for this area continued to grow. But imagine my reaction when I found out that Indiana is home to some of the worst air pollution in the nation—pollution that is due to having the largest concentration of coal-fired power plants in the world. In addition to the air pollution, 100 percent of Indiana streams and lakes carry “Fish Consumption Advisories” warning women of child bearing age and children to severely limit their consumption of fish caught in Indiana. Most of these advisories are for mercury, which can cause mental retardation and destroy brain and other nervous system tissue in humans.

Moreover, the air pollution released from the power plants contains cancer-causing chemicals at levels that are serious threats to public health. Another by-product of burning coal is dangerous coal ash that is currently stored in a very unsafe manner in dumps, ponds, and landfills which can leach into drinking water sources and poison the air with fugitive dust.

President Obama, Envrionmental Protection Agency officials, members of Congress and other decision makers should fully support the Clean Air Act and allow the EPA to implement strong safeguards on coal ash. They should also set strong federal limits on mercury and other toxic pollution from power plants. Finally, the agency needs to limit ozone (smog) pollution, and implement strong, health-based protections from toxics produced by cement plants, boilers and incinerators.

Furthermore, I am strongly urging Indiana’s legislators, Senators Coats and Lugar and Representative Buschon to protect their constituents from these hazards. Certainly, one of the most important functions of government is to protect the health and safety of the citizens that it purports to serve. Thus far, our elected representatives have served primarily to shield the industries that cause this danger to the public from complying with the reasonable safeguards necessary to protect the people who elected them.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

For more than 20 years, families and communities have asked for and needed a stronger standard for mercury emissions that would protect their children and God’s Creation. Join them in supporting a new proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to eliminate 91 percent of mercury emissions from power plants. Mercury disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable among us – children, women of childbearing age, and the elderly – slowing their development and impairing memory. It is estimated that this proposal would prevent up to 17,000 premature deaths and 120,000 cases of aggravated asthma in the first year alone. Mercury pollution also harms God’s Creation through contamination of waterways and the animals that depend on them. And that’s just the beginning. Speak out before July 5,2011 on the importance of this rule and our faithful obligation to seek a healthy world for all of God’s Creation. Blessings, The Eco-Justice Team, National Council of Churches Do not be imtimidated by letter writing. You can use the information in this posting and modify it for the individual. Email comments to: a-and-r-docket@epa.gov. In the subject line put Attention Docket No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0234. Mail- USEPA Headquarters, Ariel Rros Bldg., 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., Mail Code 1101A, Washington DC 20460 For more information about the rule, go to http://www.epa.gov/airquality/powerplanttoxics.

posting the address to the MSDS of the FORAY 76B its from 2001, and the effects on skin, inhalation etc.. all say N/D which I understand to mean (Not Determined), they just sprayed over my home and I was oustside and now i have a scratchy throught and lungs. i am sure this stuff is not good for us, how could this be banned in some states and not in ours. because indiana is lazy and the legislators are backward idiots.

As a former military wife, we lived in many places and I have seen the horrendous results of derugulation of pesticides, undrinkable water and pollution so bad that countries are still dealing with it. Wehave lost two close friends because of contact to agent orange! Responsible Americans cannot allow any part of the government to use dangerous and questionable chemicals! We all know how questionable their honesty in the FDA has been in the past! We must look to the new staff in this administration for quidance and be certain they are clearly communicating our concerns to the president whom most trust on many matters especially the health concerns of citizens of the United States!


I find it odd that many searches on the web pertaining to aerial spraying delivers information on HAARP, earthquakes, weather control and the like.

Could these aerial sprays be causing more rain to fall which in turn could cause floods that may affect the New Madrid fault line in the Midwest?

I understand FEMA is at the ready for some type of serious disaster with the purchases of dry food to feed seven million people, caskets, etc.

Is there any relation to the two? Weather and aerial spraying????

Please Carol - help us in NW Indiana (Lake, Porter, Allen counties),. This is FORCED spray of FORAY 76B, I spoke to Valent BioSciences that makes the pesticide and he advised that my daughter leave the area for TWO to THREE DAYS after treatment. The DNR advices a half hour to all the postal customers they sent that little card to.

I know this is more about the logging industry and their money. Their are other means to slow/stop the gypsy moth that won't mean killing other insects and harming our environment for many years to come. Bt is NOT safe once it is removed from the soil and put in to the air!

The DNR sent the postcards claiming the PESTICIDE is btk. There is less than 20% btk in the FORAY 76B! What are the other chemicals? Lye? Acids? Parabens? You will NOT find out for they are protected by Trade Secret Laws and this insanity must stop before it is too late for us. (We deserve clean air. Tell the DNR to spray it on their homes and we will see how their health is in five years or so.)

This Pesticide is Allowed by the EPA to be applied on homes/cars/yards/day care centers? Really?Are you aware the aerosols will become even smaller and concentrations of the poison will be higher INSIDE the homes? Unfair! FOUL!
The first card was mailed one week prior to a HUGE blizzard here in Highland. The meeting I attended concerned the mating habits and eating habits of the moth only. No info on the poison was given after people asked. There is some deception going on. We are human experiments.
The use OF FORAY is NO longer allowed in California, Washington, Oregon, provinces of Canada, New Zealand, Sweden to name a few! The fact that NW Indiana is to be forced sprayed is unconscionable to me. The good citizens are being told it is totally safe ! Kids will be standing on corners waiting for the bus looking up at the yellow airplane. To slow a moth?

That is what was said about DDT in the 50's and 60's as well.

God Save Us Now from DNR and USDA.

I am truly sorry that you are having to deal with this situation. I can understand why you are concerned for your family and neighbors. I realize that the spraying may have already begun but I would like to refer you to another section of the Earthjustice web site. Earthjustice addresses pesticide use in this section and is likely to have some of the answers you are looking for. If you look for "search" on this page (usually in the top right) and enter "Pesticides in the Air, Kids at Risk" in the search box, you will go to a list of links to review. Click on the one that says Pesticides in the Air.... and that should take you to the information from Earthjustice.

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Please stop this if you can! I live in NW In and got a postcard about ths spraying and was alarmed because our daughter died of a brain tumor 4 yrs ago at the age of 16 y.o. I will never know why she had a brain tumor, but I feel very strongly about not wanting more chemicals sprayed over our communities filled with our beautiful children.

I'd like to share more information with those of you who are concerned about the spraying for gypsy moths in NORTH WEST INDIANA. I would first like to emphasize that I am not an expert on this but have tried to direct you to on-line resources which have far more information than I do on this topic.

I consulted a local advocate from Valley Watch (see web site valleywatch.net) who recommended that you contact the Pesticide Action Network at www.panna.org for a wealth of information. In an earlier message, I also recommended that readers refer to Earthjustice, Pesticides in the Air, Kids at Risk for information and action. If other readers are aware of some other contacts for our north west Indiana friends, I'd like to invite them to share some information with them through this blog.

To the writer, Anonymous, I would like to express my condolences to you on the untimely death of your daughter. No parent should ever have to go through what you must have endured. I am very sorry about the loss of your daughter. I want to thank you for speaking out about this when your pain is still so fresh. You can do many good things to help you cope with her loss by continuing to advocate for the spraying to stop.

It is my opinion that the public should not sit silently by while our air, land and waterways continue to be polluted by pesticide sprays, oil drilling and coal-fired power plants, to name a few. The threats are real and the risk of developing cancer and other diseases from these industries is not something to be taken lightly. The physical problems from exposure to environmental toxins can happen to anyone. I applaud those of you who have written in to challenge what is/has happened in your area. Keep fighting.

Peace be with you,

first of all- thank you for what you do! :)

second- are you aware of the indiana DNR's plan to spray a pesticide from a "crop-duster" plane in certain residential Northwestern counties of Indiana next week (May 16-23)? they are claiming that the pesticide is to control the spread of a moth known as the "gypsy moth" that goes after oak trees but this moth has not been known for causing any issues in the towns that will be sprayed. The pesticide is known to be harmful to human's health, especially with those who have asthma, allergies, or lung issues. The DNR claims that the pesticide is safe and consists of "Btk", a natural bacterium when it actually consists of Foray "76B"..
If you have time, I would like to hear your thoughts on this issue and find out even if you know that this happening in our state. If not, then at least I could spread the word about what is going on. Thank you!
Dina F

Thanks, Carol, for speaking out on behalf of concerned Hoosiers.

Paul Severance
Beech Grove, IN

What you do for this planet is so important for all of us, keep up the good fight, fare well, be healthy, and be happy

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