Chandran Achutan

I would like to see community and occupational health standards be developed to protect the health of the public and the workers of animal confinements.

Profession: Assistant Professor, University of Neb. Medical Center
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility

Clean Air Ambassador:

Chandran Achutan, PhD

Omaha, NE

The first time that I became aware of the adverse effects of air pollution was when I was living with a roommate who smoked indoors. Exposure to secondhand smoke caused me some respiratory discomfort, but it also got me interested in researching complex mixtures of air pollutants.

In Nebraska, emissions from large animals confinements include particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. There is also a significant output of methane, a known greenhouse gas. The health of workers in these animal confinements is of particular concern because they are likely to be exposed to higher concentrations of these pollutants for longer periods of time than the general public.

The challenge is to balance the economic benefit of these facilities to the local economy with protecting public health. I would like to see community and occupational health standards be developed to protect the health of the public and the workers of animal confinements. In addition, I would like to see guidelines be updated about where the animal confinements can be sited, and funding be set aside to study the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of these animal confinements on local communities.

2013 Clean Air Ambassador 2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Chandran Achutan.
Chandran was also a Clean Air Ambassador during the second
50 States United for Healthy Air event, held in May 2013.
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Your point about animal confinements as a pollution source is an important one. In Nebraska, all kinds of agricultural sources are putting the air quality at risk. I live near a grain elevator, imagine the dust particulates that fill the air during harvest season! Filteration systems exist to diminish the outputs, but it's not required.
My daughter has asthma. We appreciate the important work you are doing. Get people to listen! Make them hear what you have to say...Thank you Dr. Chandran, Thank you.

Thank you for believing in your work.

Thanks for all you've done so far and best of luck for what you hope to accomplish in the future!

Thanks for protecting the public's health.

Regardless of the source of pollution, we need to protect the health of the American people. Clean air also lowers health care costs. It's a win,win.

Thank you!

As a Nebraska resident, I support Dr. Chandran's work.

I support Dr. Chandran

I appreciate your efforts!

Dr. Achutan, thanks for the work you're doing!

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