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Clean Air Ambassador: Cindy Parker

You can't have healthy people if we're breathing unhealthy air.

I'm a public health doctor. I'm concerned about air pollution not so much for any individual, but because the public's health is my responsibility. You can't have healthy people if we're breathing unhealthy air.

Inner-city Baltimore has some of the highest asthma rates in the country, especially for children. Baltimore is 70 percent African-American, with about 40 percent of the city's population below, at, or just above the poverty rate. In many inner-city neighborhoods, the poverty rate is closer to 70 percent. Those also tend to be the neighborhoods closest to major roads, power plants and other industrial sites. The people exposed to some of the worst air pollution in the city are those of color, children, the elderly and people without health insurance.

Decision makers in Washington, D.C. must mandate full enforcement of all existing Clean Air Act regulations, continue to strengthen these protections, accept recommendations of staff scientists and ensure that greenhouse gas reductions occur. Climate change makes air pollution worse, which makes climate change worse, which makes… and on and on.

2013 Clean Air Ambassador

Dr. Parker was also a Clean Air Ambassador during the second
50 States United for Healthy Air event, held in May 2013.
Dr. Parker's 2013 Ambassador Page »

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Ambassador Group Affiliation: 
Physicians for Social Responsibility
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