Elizabeth Crowe

U.S. voters have always valued a clean environment and good health.

Profession: Executive Director
Group Affiliation: Kentucky Environmental Foundation

Clean Air Ambassador:

Elizabeth Crowe

Berea, Kentucky

I grew up in western Michigan on the coast of Lake Michigan, with a municipal power plant in my hometown and another, larger plant just north of town—a stones-throw from where my cousins and I would play on the beach and swim in the water. It seemed common knowledge that one wouldn't want to eat the fish in the "big lake" or in Lake Macatawa because of the pollution from those and other facilities.

My grandfather died of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and my mother has it too, though in a mild form. Now living in Kentucky I am keenly aware of the poor air quality from power plants and manufacturing facilities that dot the state. I have several nieces and nephews in the Appalachians who have respiratory problems as well.

Having successfully defeated a proposed chemical weapons incinerator in my county, our greatest concerns have been the nearby power plants—run by the East Kentucky Power Cooperative and by Kentucky Utilities—and their respective coal ash impoundments.

President Obama needs to be a true leader for a healthy future for our nation, and not duck behind the industry apologists in Congress who claim that clean air and clean water are somehow a threat to our economy. The facts show otherwise, and U.S. voters have always valued a clean environment and good health. Congress needs to uphold and defend the responsibility of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies to enforce the strongest possible pollution standards. And the EPA needs to continue to utilize strong science and a precautionary approach to rein in harmful pollution.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Good to see that we have a Madison Country transplant doing some good in Washington. I grew up in a community that mined coal and I have seen first hand the pollution that it does being mined. When it is burned it is also a terribly pollutant. I salute you in your efforts.

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Elizabeth, thanks so much for doing this. I'm an activist and a clean air fan down here in Tennessee. Just thought I'd take a few minutes to thank Clean Air Ambassadors in the Appalachian region for doing this. Good luck tomorrow!


It is great to have you as our KY clean air ambassador!

We need you and others like you more than ever.

It is great to have you as our Kentucky clean ambassador.
Thank you for taking stands for clean air.

hi Elizabeth..I'm originally from Michigan too..good luck with Mitch "the Obstructionist" & Rand Paul..John Yarmuth is our only hope in Louisville..I'm glad to see a major all-out campaign to bring these problems to the forefront..while you're at it, you might also want to emphasize how much development of a real mass transit system not only in Kentucky but also high-speed rail throughout the country..other countries have had it for years & it works..also would eliminate the outrageously expensive costs of building more super highways & bridges (read downtown & East End in Louisville)..please keep us informed about how your efforts are working & know that there are many people in the general population who are willing to back you..good luck & thank you very much

Dear Elizabeth,

How great to have you as our Kentucky clean air ambassador!

We need -- the entire nation needs- many more people like you, fighting for elementary good sense about our air and water.

Please stay strong in behalf of clean air and water!


Thank you for taking time to represent the people of Kentucky and our need for cleaner air. The fine particulate levels here are not acceptable and I am sure that they contribute to the breathing problems of many of our citizen. When I moved here 5 1/2 years ago I was amazed by the number of people who needed to carry their oxygen tanks everywhere they went - I had not experienced that type of disability in any of the other 12 places I've lived in the United States.

Hmmmmph ! (cough!...wheeze!) !
I (cough!) simply cannot understand
why you (crakle! wheeze! cough!)
people get so fired-up over the air
(hoo! dog-it, that was a big one!)
we breathe ! Eveyone knows (cough!)
that rain cleans the (wheeze!) air, and
that the wonderful folks at all of the
Smokestack Industries are really not
(choke!...cough!...wheeze!) at ALL
responsible for any harm done to
the environment, or all life upon
this planet !

Thank you Elizabeth, for representing us! Please ask them to stop spraying the skies with persistent contrails. These trails often cover the whole sky, blocking the beautiful blue, and the sun, and dowsing us with chemicals. This is getting worse and worse.
Blocking the sun also affects crops. And the fallout of the chemicals, often aluminum, and barium. If you need further information on what "chemtrails" are, see:

We need someone like you to represent the views of concerned citizens that want cleaner air in Kentucky. Thank you!

Thanks for working to protect and cleanup our air.

Hi, Elizabeth,
We in Kentucky are lucky to have such a smart, committed activist representing us.
Many thanks,

I can think of no one better to be our Ambassador. Thank you!

Hey Elizabeth,

Please demand (respectfully, of course) an end to mountain removal coal mining and to set drilling standards for oil and gas.

I also feel all elected representatives of the people should immediately STOP accepting monies from any source, particularily those above.



As a teacher, I notice children absent every day. When you ask their parents why they were, often the answer is asthma. These children live downwind from Rubbertown, an industrial area populated by chemical plants. The air has gotten cleaner in recent years, thanks to local efforts but there are still accidents. We need our elected representatives to stand behind what is truly best for Kentucky, not what is best for their reelection coffers. Wen need adequate regulations, not pie in the sky dreams that industry will do what is right simply because it is right. History has shown they won't.

Hi Elizabeth,
I have family that are from all over the State including Berea, and I know how intertwined we all are towards air, water, and soil quality.
We need people like you fighting for us- we will always be there for you and the beautifully disappearing State of Kentucky.

Keep fighting for cleaner air!


Elizabeth, every time I write our senior senator he wraps each letter telling me he will do what is best for Kentucky. Well every body of water in our state has elevated levels of mercury. That is due to our coal-fired power plants and industry clearly is not interested in regulating itself. Please tell him we would like to take our children fishing and not have to throw every one back! We value clean air and water!

I have given up on writing or signing any petition to "Say No Mitch". He does not have the interests of KY on his agenda- unless of course you own a coal mine or a power plant. Now we have Rand to represent us. Together they scare me.

Go Elizabeth! Thanks for speaking out for our health!

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