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50 States United For Healthy Air: Reason Photo Gallery

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Alex Allred
Midlothian, Texas

"I cannot express how little concern is given to the health and welfare of children or any residents of Midlothian..."

I'm here because:

Read Alex's story.

Sarah Rawson, RN
Vancouver, Washington

"Cutting funding to the EPA will only save money today. Tomorrow that money will be spent on medical care for those who now have asthma and those who will develop asthma..."

I'm here because:

Read Sarah's story.

Emily Enderle
Washington, District of Columbia

"We grew up playing sports together in our small town of Covington, OH and my sister's inhaler was a constant companion..."

I'm here because:

Read Emily's story.

Harry Wang, MD
Sacramento, California

"We deserve clean air for all our citizens to breathe, especially our children, seniors, and those with chronic health issues..."

I'm here because:

Read Harry's story.

Margaret Kitchell, MD
Seattle, Washington

"I love the beauty of this part of the world, and want to preserve it, as well as the health of the people who live here..."

I'm here because:

Read Margaret's story.

Kate Etherington
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"As a pregnant woman, I am deeply concerned about the air I breathe for my developing baby and her future health..."

I'm here because:

Read Kate's story.

Alan Lockwood, MD
Buffalo, New York

"As the long-time Co-Chair of the Physicians for Social Responsibility Environment and Health Committee, I have become increasingly aware of the hazards posed by air pollution..."

I'm here because:

Read Alan's story.

Ruth McDermott-Levy, PHD, RN
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

"The poor frequently have the greatest environmental burden related to air quality as they often live in industrialized areas that bring increased asthma risks..."

I'm here because:

Read Ruth's story.

William Anderson
Moapa, Nevada

"When the winds blow, a white powder from the fly ash ponds drifts towards homes on the reservation..."

I'm here because:

Read William's story.

Martin Donohoe
Lake Oswego, Oregon

"I am disheartened by Oregon's level of industrial air pollution, which includes our continued reliance on coal..."

I'm here because:

Read Martin's story.

Nicole Poepping
Providence, Rhode Island

"When I asked groups I was working with if they had asthma, nearly half the room would raise their hands..."

I'm here because:

Read Nicole's story.

Chaunnel "Pake" Salmon
Makaha, Hawaii

"Seeing my nephew suffer through cancer broke my heart but activated me to help educate and empower my community..."

I'm here because:

Read Pake's story.

Duron Chavis
Richmond, Virginia

"Regardless of one's socio-economic background, it is a fundamental human right to not be detrimentally affected by poor water and air quality..."

I'm here because:

Read Duron's story.

Marc Fleisher
Moscow, Idaho

"I would like to see an attitude on the part of our elected officials that recognizes that public health is at least as important as the indiscriminate use of agricultural burning..."

I'm here because:

Read Marc's story.

Mark Mitchell, MD, MPH
Hartford, Connecticut

"She said "it's not unusual for a third of inner-city children to have asthma," implying that there is a double-standard for asthma in suburban children and inner-city children..."

I'm here because:

Read Mark's story.

Betty Lord-Dinan
Elkader, Iowa

"To protect Iowans, we need the EPA's health protections to stay in effect. We cannot let these standards get watered or voted down..."

I'm here because:

Read Betty's story.

Maura Flynn
Maynard, Massachusetts

"No one should be exposed to toxic air simply because polluters do not want to pay to clean up their acts..."

I'm here because:

Read Maura's story.

Ian Viteri
Chicago, Illinois

"It wasn't until I was older that I learned about the pollution coming from the local coal-fired power plants and how it affects us..."

I'm here because:

Read Ian's story.

Lakeesha Eure
Newark, New Jersey

"Air pollution takes a significant toll on human health in New Jersey every year, shortening thousands of lives and sending thousands of people to hospitals..."

I'm here because:

Read Lakeesha's story.

Richard Mabion
Kansas City, Kansas

"Every American should have access to the information that affects their health and well-being. Everyone deserves that kind of respect..."

I'm here because:

Read Richard's story.

Jennifer Swearingen
Bozeman, Montana

"Because our valley experiences inversions on an almost daily basis, emissions from the nearby cement plant can build up to very unhealthy levels..."

I'm here because:

Read Jennifer's story.

Kimberly Hill
Detroit, Michigan

"Clean air is a natural right that should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of race or class..."

I'm here because:

Read Kimberly's story.

Kathleen Craig, RN
Thetford Center, Vermont

"I am concerned that corporate entities are permitted to extract riches from the earth without concern for consequences..."

I'm here because:

Read Kathleen's story.

Sarah Bucic, MSN, RN
Delaware City, Delaware

"I have found that heavy industry doesn't just happen, it seems to occur in areas where there is less perceived resistance..."

I'm here because:

Read Sarah's story.

Chandran Achutan, PhD
Omaha, Nebraska

"I would like to see community and occupational health standards be developed to protect the health of the public and the workers of animal confinements..."

I'm here because:

Read Chandran's story.

Karen Monahan Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Our health is not for sale. It is a human right that every child, parent, grandparent have the right to clean air, safe water, healthy food and an overall nurturing environment."

I'm here because:

Read Karen's story.

Ana Baptista Newark, New Jersey

"Our children grow up in an environment where they must come indoors for recess on days when there are ozone alerts and the air quality is poor. "

I'm here because:

Read Ana's story.

Barbara Evans Burkville, Alabama

"I am coming to Washington, D.C. to try to save my family and friends in rural Alabama. Because we're worth it."

I'm here because:

Read Barbara's story.

Janet Holloway, RN Richmond, Virginia

"I developed a strong conviction that clean air is not only a must for all of us, but that it is also our right."

I'm here because:

Read Janet's story.

Barbara Warren, MD, MPH Tucson, Arizona

"We need clean renewable energies and in the meantime, strict regulations on coal burning power plant emissions."

I'm here because:

Read Barbara's story.

Patti Gora McRavin Spanaway, Washington

"Field burning caused my son repeated bouts of pneumonia, and it causes me and my daughter to have asthma episodes. "

I'm here because:

Read Patti's story.

Jeremy Nichols Denver, Colorado

"From what I have seen and experienced, the most prosperous communities are the healthiest. Let's keep that trend alive. "

I'm here because:

Read Jeremy's story.

Bernadette Longo Carson City, Nevada

"Natural causes of air pollution cannot usually be abated, however, efforts can be provided for the populations exposed. "

I'm here because:

Read Bernadette's story.

Elizabeth Crowe Berea, Kentucky

"U.S. voters have always valued a clean environment and good health."

I'm here because:

Read Elizabeth's story.

Marcia Owens Tallahassee, Florida

"At least 12 boys on my son's team have asthma, and at practice they line up the inhalers on the back of an old abandoned school bus..."

I'm here because:

Read Marcia's story.

Cherise Udell Salt Lake City, Utah

"On those "red alert" days I felt as if I was locking my daughters in a windowless room full of chain smokers. "

I'm here because:

Read Cherise's story.

Matthew Tejada Houston, Texas

"Our leaders must give real impetus to the talk of environmental justice through actual support of environmental justice communities."

I'm here because:

Read Matthew's story.

Shawna Larson Palmer, Alaska

"We are concerned about the mercury and other toxic emissions from the burning of the coal that will be coming directly back to the Arctic on the wind and air currents."

I'm here because:

Read Shawna's story.

Bettie Kettell Durham, Maine

"Mercury from the exhaust from the coal-fired power plants has contaminated our lakes and streams and caused the need for fish advisories throughout the entire state."

I'm here because:

Read Bettie's story.

Marie Mulroy Goffstown, New Hampshire

"They come in wheelchairs with their oxygen to spend a day with each other and to enjoy the beauty of New Hampshire. We need to keep it beautiful for them."

I'm here because:

Read Marie's story.

Charlotte Keys Columbia, Mississippi

"The dirt would sometimes just catch fire and blaze into the atmosphere, leaving terrible odors in the air. It destroyed our health..."

I'm here because:

Read Charlotte's story.

Randy Ellis Harriman, Tennessee

"I want decision makers in Washington, D.C. to hear from people in the community so they can hear our real concerns."

I'm here because:

Read Randy's story.

Ruth Santiago Salinas, Puerto Rico

"Because Salinas and Guayama are coastal communities, people have traditionally depended on fishing for sustenance and studies indicate that the fish are contaminated with mercury..."

I'm here because:

Read Ruth's story.

Rev. Kristina Peterson Houma, Louisiana

"The petrochemical companies along the Mississippi River provide all types of benefits to the rest of the world, but for us, we are a sacrificial zone..."

I'm here because:

Read Kristina's story.

Susan Holmes Bokoshe, Oklahoma

"Every time a truck dumps a load of fly ash, fugitive dust leaves the site and blankets the town and the surrounding area."

Read Susan's story.

Rebecca Van De Water Juneau, Alaska

"The first day that a ship rolls in, we all can't help but notice that our incredibly pristine air is visibly sullied by the large smoke stacks on the ships. "

I'm here because:

Read Rebecca's story.

Tony DeFalco Portland, Oregon

"To protect our right to breathe clean air, our leaders in D.C. should increase incentives for business and individuals to utilize mass transit. "

I'm here because:

Read Tony's story.

Sylvia Weber Cranston, Rhode Island

"Decision makers in Washington D.C. need to understand that air pollution poses significant health risks for us and future generations. "

I'm here because:

Read Sylvia's story.

Susan Falzon Troy, New York

"The communities that host facilities like the Lafarge Cement Plant, whether willingly or not, need the protection of the government to ensure that they are not poisoned. "

I'm here because:

Read Susan's story.

Michael McCally, MD Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Decision-makers in Washington, D.C. need to understand that clean air is a health care bargain. Lives are saved. "

I'm here because:

Read Michael's story.

Rachael Belz Cincinnati, Ohio

"The pollution spewing from the oldest and dirtiest parts of the coal plants in the Ohio River Valley affects people every single day. "

I'm here because:

Read Rachael's story.

Lynn Ringenberg, MD Tampa Bay, Florida

"I see half-a-dozen kids a day with asthma or some allergy or environmental related lung problem. "

I'm here because:

Read Lynn's story.

Allison Kellenberger, RN Columbia, Missouri

"When I started in the intensive care unit 18 years ago, I saw many asthma patients come in, and some of them left in body bags."

I'm here because:

Read Allison's story.

Carol Warren Webster Springs, West Virginia

"There is no such thing as clean coal—the extraction is always filthy and takes a terrible toll on the communities where it is done."

I'm here because:

Read Carol's story.

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