Kate Etherington

As a pregnant woman, I am deeply concerned about the air I breathe for my developing baby and her future health.

Profession: Executive Director
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility, Philadelphia Chapter

Clean Air Ambassador:

Kate Etherington

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I grew up in a somewhat rural area in Pennsylvania, where being outside in the fresh air was part of my everyday life. Now as an adult, I continue to enjoy time spent outdoors, whether it's running, biking, hiking or gardening. I have always taken for granted the notion of breathing fresh, clean air and made the assumption that the air we breathe is healthy and can't make us sick. I know now that is not the case. As a pregnant woman, I am deeply concerned about the air I breathe for my developing baby and her future health.

In Pennsylvania, we are concerned about power plants, especially coal-fired plants that emit toxic chemicals and particulate matter into the air. I am also concerned about Marcellus Shale gas drilling and the implications it has for our water and air.

I feel strongly that we are only given one earth to live on, and we need to be stewards of our earth, to protect it for ourselves and future generations. We need to develop and strengthen standards that limit the amount of toxic pollution companies are allowed to release into the environment.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Clean Air is our most important National asset. It must be protected and guarded.

We feel exactly the same way. As we kayak on our local river, we see the millions of gallons of water that are being withdrawn from our local natural resources, which, supposedly belong to all of us yet . . . our "money oriented" current state govt. is greedy for the $ that gas drilling can bring!
What good is $ and jobs if we have no fresh water to drink and recreate in? Where will the water creatures go? Kill us all. The govt. reps are just thinking about paying the bills. We need green energy NOT gas!

Thank you Kate! Clean air and water should be fundamental rights of every citizen. Please support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as the Chessie is a huge watershed for millions of people. Clean air is a priority. Industry and coal burning power plants can put filters on their plants. The politicians seem to be serving the polluters rather than their citizens. Call your Reps and Senators, send letters to the editors of your newspapers. Let's all keep this going!

Thank You!

Here, here! Thank you so much for helping us to protect our health, and not let big industry continue to spoil our enviroment with no regard to the consequences.

Thank you for putting so much into this, Kate!! Much luck and love to you, keep us posted!!

Thank you Kate!

Thanks for speaking for our planet, and for the next generations that need to live on it.

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for taking a stand for clean air. It's hard to believe that some people still don't make the connection that whatever bad stuff is in the air eventually makes its way into the soil and into our drinking water. After that it's only a matter of time until the same bad stuff ends up in our bodies. After all, you are what you eat, drink, and breathe. We need more people like you who are willing to take action to keep our planet healthy. Best wishes to you and your new baby.

the usa needs to be extremely concerned with getting and having clean air, clean water, clean soil legislation.. we do as much organic as we can, and built our house trying to avoid toxins. We need to support organic farmers by buying at least one organic fruit or vegetable purchase a week and vote with our dollars, and the government should be supporting organic farmers too. That is the lst of many things we need to do. Once the air, land and water is polluted, as alot of it is, it is a uphill battle to get it clean again.

Clean air is so important to me because I have recently been diagnosed with asthma this winter. As a child growing up in suburban PA I enjoyed the outdoors daily. I still try to do that as an adult, but this has been restricted in recent years since developing allergies and now asthma over just the last few years. Let's help keep the air as clean as possible in hope that future generations can enjoy the outdoors just as much as I did as a child.

I agree--safe water, air, and food. I am an osteopathic physician who sees environmentally based illnesses every day. Pesticide-ridden soil depleting our food of its nutrients; toxins spread through the air and water; as if we didn't have enough to fight, just with the inexorable march of age. Let us clean up our soiled nest.
Thank you for your work.
Marianne Herr-Paul, D.O.

It's really very simple, without safe air, water and food, our lives will be negatively impacted. These are the basic necessities that all human beings require.

Clean air allows me to be healthy as I prepare to have kids. Thank you for being our ambassador!

Rampant over-development and full-scale "clearing" of land, i.e., removing anything that is green, is the blight of this country.
Just a generation ago, when houses were built, all but the most anti-environmental developers would leave the native and mature trees, saplings, et al. Homeowners liked having trees.
Clear-cutting has caused more air pollution in recent years than I've seen since the 70s, when finally at the end of the decade, the government began to protect our air.
Of course, most of that good has been undone, first in the 80s, and then in the first 8 years of the 21st century.

I notice that asthma seems to be a more common thing these days. I hate to think what is floating around in the air. There is way too much pollution. It's not fair that people can decide without everyone on the planet agreeing, to pollute the place, spraying pesticides in the air, polluting with leaks of nuclear, radon, and other toxic chemicals.

We live in a suburb 10 minutes SW of Pittsburgh, and many mornings when I step outside I feel like I need to wear a mask because the air smells so bad from coal-burning generating plants and the coke works.

Our dog likes to sit out on nice days, and I have to bring him protesting because the air is bad for him also.

There is no good reason for this! Why do we continue to burn things when other smarter processes are available?

We live in a suburb 10 minutes SW of Pittsburgh, and many mornings when I step outside I feel like I need to wear a mask because the air smells so bad from coal-burning generating plants and the coke works.

Our dog likes to sit out on nice days, and I have to bring him protesting because the air is bad for him also.

There is no good reason for this! Why do we continue to burn things when other smarter processes are available?

I was living in a loft in the South Street seaport on 9/11. As a result of the poisonous chemicals in the dust from the towers, I have had asthma since that time. I have been a part of the ongoing WTC health study since then.

Since Sep. 2001, I have periodic problems with my breathing even though I have moved to Easton, PA. I react very negatively to inhaled pollutants since that time.

Please fight against the companies that put their profits before our health. We need clean air and clean water to live.

Many of our areas are suspended in poison in ground, water, air.
Many of our areas have fought new fad Companies, or old. We have the power to fight for what we want. It is time we start fighting back.
Remember Your Politicians live off of us. The allow our Air, Water, Ground to be Contaminated because their Campaigns are bought and paid for. Lobbyists pay for everything else.
Be wary of Organizations, many want money to pay their salaries not fight for you. Learn who the Organizations who actually fight and Win are.

Fight on,

I have asthma, and high ozone and pollution levels make it difficult to breathe. I like to breathe...preferrably without consciously trying to breathe which some people take for granted. Clean air allows me to breathe easy.

I also live in a rural area where gas drilling has serious implications for our health--from polluting the air we breathe to the water we drink. Both clean air and clean water are vital concerns for all beings. Thanks for speaking out for all of us.

Living near coal plants in PA, the air quality kind of sucks some days. Please keep up the fight for clean air!

Thanks for publicly taking on this fight for a healthier population in PA. It's about time the laws are enforced without grandfathering the dirtiest plants in our region. Please know you have the support of many where you & I live & breathe.

Breathing is not an option. Apparently politicians and corporate honchos don't care. No matter how much they can afford financially, soon there will be no place even they can live to protect themselves and their families. The crops and livestock we depend on also depend on the same air and water. Thanks for your efforts - and good luck!

Keep on fighting the good fight for clean air and a better environment for people and wildlife.

I have a sister with serious lung problems due to a chronic autoimmune disease. While she can ill afford to breathe polluted air, those of us who are in better health should not be subjected to it either. Thank you for working for clean air for all of us.

Bravo. Thanks for speaking out, knowing the facts, and keeping at it.

Thank you for getting the message out that we need clean air, not just for this generation, but also for those yet to come.

This is a silly question, but I guess some people don't have the common sense to know why. We need air to breathe; there isn't anything else to breathe! It has to be clean or we will have health issues.


I would THINK that one issue that we could all agree upon, regardless of where we are on the political spectrum, is that we all want and need CLEAN AIR to keep us healthy. In regards to pregnant women and younger, growing children, that is even more the case.
Let's ALL take off the rose-colored glasses and face reality. Bad air equals bad health, in whatever form it takes. IT"S JUST COOMON SENSE! ADDITIONALLY,
think how much money our health care system would save annually if we didn't need to treat allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases to the extent we do today.
Bless you and your new baby for taking a stand on this issue.

We need more people like you.

I am a backpacker and generally just like being outdoors. Clean air is very important to me. Thank you for being our ambassador.

Dear Kate,

I share your concerns about the coal-fired plants and the toxins that they emit. I am also very concerned about the Marcellus Shale drilling, which I feel has great potential for harming not only the air we breathe, but the water we drink.I thank you for speaking out on behalf of all concerned Pennsylvanians.
Best wishes for you and your baby.

Thank you so much for taking a stand! We need to save PA air now! Keep up the good work!

We live near a coal fired plant and believe me, if I had known when we were picking this place to live we would be breathing this dirty air, we would have moved further away from it. I've been told that our soil is ok but is it? I am going to plant a garden this year but honestly, should I? These coal fired plants all need to be shut down and we need to find clean energy and immediately!!!!

Thank you for taking a stand as we start taking back our natural born rights; one of which is the right to breath clean air!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have noticed over the years how the air has worsened. I cannot understand why corporate greed takes precedence over clean air for us and future generations. Thank you for fighting for us and keep it up!

Thank you, Kate.

Hello Kate,
It seems there is nowhere to go. Our air gets worse by the minute. We the people get it. Why doesn't our government? I am tired of living my life by the rules of major corporations. We are no longer a democracy - what a sham!
Thank you for your efforts.

I don't know why we put up with these corrupted politicians that don't vote for bills in "OUR" best interest. . . . .
Who are the politicians that vote against Clean Air???? & Who is paying them???

Let's CLean House starting with the next election!!!!!

Go, Kate !
Good luck with this . . .

Thank you for your activism for clean air! Living in Pittsburgh I believe I have noticed my son's asthma to be exacerbated on poor air quality days.

I support clean air.

keep at it dear, PLGB gen.1 stewards of creation By God we're responsible for His Creation or care of it, Lord Have Mercy when we neglect or fall short....so keep at it dear, be in The Way, Truth, And Life/Light (ref. jn.14 thanks be to GOD PLGB)

I show my support.

"Smaller Government" =Unelected Corporate Control. Corporations control many of our elected officials. We can never know what elected officials stand for in reality when their advertisements are bought by corporations with an agenda (often to weaken our environmental laws). We must eliminate the Supreme Court's decision on Citizen's United vs the rest of us! Go to movetoamend.org.

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