Kathleen Craig

I am concerned that corporate entities are permitted to extract riches from the earth without concern for consequences

Profession: Registered Nurse
Group Affiliation: American Nurses Association

Clean Air Ambassador:

Kathleen Craig, RN

Thetford Center, Vermont

I've lived in northern New England for more than 30 years, after I relocated from northeastern Pennsylvania. Vermont has cleaner air than many other areas of the country, and the quality of the environment was a major motivation for my move. We have low population density in Vermont and less industrialization, as the aged mill buildings of the first industrial age have been converted to service use.

My birthplace, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is a former anthracite coal mining town that was surrounded by culm banks of discarded mine tailings. The air in the Wyoming Valley was hazy with mine fires that had been burning for years. I notice they are still burning when I return for visits.

Now, I live in another valley: the Upper Valley. Population growth is the biggest threat to our clean air. More people bring more cars. In my essentially rural area, driving is a must for most people, so cleaner automobiles and energy conservation are very important issues to people in my community. Wood smoke is big concern in northern New England.

I also live next to the Elizabeth Mine in South Strafford, VT, a superfund site. The mine has negatively affected water quality for generations to come. I am concerned that corporate entities are permitted to extract riches from the earth without concern for consequences. Commerce rules and the government must fund the cleanup, a cleanup that is often destructive as well. There is no true restoration.

Clean air is only possible if we have sustainable management of the environment as a whole.

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Thank you for being our voice!


Thank you!

Clean air is a right. We should not have to breathe toxins.

Thank you for your hard work! I am worried about policies that seem mainly retroactive instead of proactive--that is, working to clean up polluted sites instead of preventing pollution at the onset of a project or business enterprise. Clean up is very important, but it shouldn't be the status quo We need stronger clean air and water standards to reduce pollution--not just cover it up once companies have made their profit and moved on.

Thank you for all you are doing! With my youngest son in the other room, coughing away from asthma, I know only too well how important it is to keep Vermont's air clean.

Everyone is complaining about the cost of healthcare. Here is one option for decreasing the cost of healthcare--clean up our air and water!

Capitalism means buying and selling in a fair market. Corporations must bear all costs of production including all the pollution and environmental damage they cause or it is not really a free market economy. Why should everyone else have to pay? If everyone else pays, that is corporate welfare and bailouts.
Please pass this message on to the champions of capitalism who claim to hate welfare.

Thank you for all you are doing for your fellow Vermonters. Everyone has the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and plant in clean soil.

Thank you, Kathleen, for all you do on behalf of Vermonters, and indeed, for everyone's right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and till clean soil.

Polluters do unconscionable deeds that have endless consequences, and I don't understand how they can have clear consciences, or look their children in the face, with all the havoc they wreak on our struggling planet.

Bless you.

Commercial entities should not be allowed to pollute the environment.

Clean air means clean water and clean soil, all inextricable necessary for the life of all creatures great and small.

Thank you, Kathleen! Good luck.

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