Lynn Ringenberg

I see half-a-dozen kids a day with asthma or some allergy or environmental related lung problem.

Clean Air Ambassador:

Lynn Ringenberg, MD

Tampa Bay, Florida

When I started my private practice of pediatrics in Florida in 1980, I would see several children a week with wheezing or asthma. Now, I see half-a-dozen kids a day with asthma or some allergy or environmental related lung problem.

In Tampa Bay—where I live—coal-fired power plants are a major concern, because of the damage they're doing to the rivers, estuaries and the quality of our air. Last year, a 62-year-old woman emailed me complaining that she had just moved from the Midwest to Apollo Beach, Florida—where one of Florida's largest coal-fired power plants sits, right on the bay—and now she had developed "asthma." She was totally healthy prior to moving to Florida. She told me she would often see "black particles on her car and yard furniture."

President Obama, members of Congress and officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency need to understand that coal is not clean! I've heard our president say "clean coal" many times, but he's been brainwashed. We need to ensure that we start now with alternative energy, especially solar. We in Florida live in the "Sunshine State." This place should be blanketed with solar energy systems!

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Thank you. My mother was recently diagnosed with asthma. My parents and I moved here from Maine 26 years ago. She has never had respiratory problems of any kind before now. Florida is so beautiful; we need to protect the environment.

Thank you. Clean air is so important, I have asthma and know first hand what it feels not to be able to breathe to your full extent, it worries me that the air we breathe is not the same it was just a year ago or even a month ago. I want to live, I want our children to live fully and our grandchildren and many many more generations. The US has many smart people, why can't we figure out another way to get energy without destroying our home, do they not realize we have nowhere else to go?


Thank you from me, too. Please see what can be done to stop the forced aerial spraying of towns/cities with pesticides!
My little town in Indiana is to be sprayed soon by a crop duster, with FORAY 76B. In order to slow a moth we don't have!!

This poison is to fall on homes/cars, yards, play sets, kids waiting for school buses early in the morning on the 17th. And again on the 23rd.

It is happening more and more. We are being told it is a harmless bacteria from the soil, when that is partly true. It can harm children. this must stop. Please.

Melaleuca quinquenervia or Punk Tree: Another air quality consideration.
I am now 60 years old and grew up in the Pinellas County area. When my brother and I were about 4 & 6 years old we lived in a house in Pinellas Park under a Punk tree. Having no A/C in the house we were exposed all the time to the outside air. We both became asthmatics under those trees. Of course, back then we didn't know what was causing these sporadic attacks. Only in my late 30s living near a line of mature Punk trees did I start having something like a toxic reaction which we finally traced to the Punk trees. Of course, I do not live in Pinellas County now, but to this day if I am exposed to the blooming trees, I start getting screaming pains in my hands, hip, become dizzy and swollen and asthmatic. Fortunately, my husband and good friends are doctors and help sort this out.

Thank you for all your hard work it means alot. More people need to listen and learn! My grandchildren cannot go to the school in the city where they live, due to poor air quality in thier fairly new elem school, several families have moved but still the school and alot of the people in the community, who are not affected (YET!) deny's that there is a problem. They do not want to talk about it or even listen and find out the real facts. Ignorance is bliss I guess, but so many of our children are going to suffer from this daily exposure even yrs from now. They may not have symptoms now but, they may doen the road, then its too late!! What a shame.

Thank you for what you do!

Thank you for all that you do to help us breathe clean air!! : )

Lynn - Thank you. Be safe.

Please continue your hard work on all citizens behalf for their God given right to breathe clean air.
Thank You!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We couldn't ask for a better spokesperson than you. While you're up in DC working on legislation I'm doing my part to conserve energy the best I can. I've changed to compact fluorescent light bulbs, I shut off all lights when not in use and unplug electronics. I'm also walking and using my bike more. Every little bit helps. Onward!

Thank you for being part in this very important group going to Washington. We must stand up against the corporations that refuse to recognize their responsibility toward the people who live and breathe the air daily!

Thank you for standing up for what is right. For speaking for those you can't. Never stop.

Thank You!

I have acquired asthma as a consequence of living near a municipal waste incinerator in Pinellas County.

As a person who has had asthma for more than 65 years, I urge this country to do everything we can to keep our air clean and to make it even cleaner. There is no such thing as "clean coal". We need to seek other choices for energy production. We certainly have enough sunshine for solar energy in the state of Florida.

Our kids deserve the right to breathe

Thank You!

Keep on keeping on

Thank you for raising this important issue once again. The squeaky wheal gets the grease!

I thank you on behalf of my 4 year old daughter!

Thank you!

Thank you for all you do! There is no 'clean' coal and fracking is a danger to the drinking and agricultural water supply in this country and abroad.

there is no such thing as clean coal.

Thank you!


Life on earth requires clean air, water and soil. All living things are connected in a complex web of shared energy. If parts of the web become irreversibly poisoned and living organisms begin to die, eventually all life is effected.

clean air!

Thank you for caring about the quality of our air, the health of US citizens, and the condition of our planet and wildlife. I hope this causes more people to voice their opinions about clean air and a clean environment. After all, we only get one earth! We must keep the planet clean for future generations.

I have nieces, nephews and young grandchildren.Everyone is affected including adults. I want them to breath clean air not air pollutants and not dirty by-products of industry. Thank you for trying to improve the situation

I wish to congratulate you on making your voice heard. We need more people like you to speak up for what they believe in and stand tall for that reason. I have been a long time supporter of Earthjustice and many others like them and I do what I can to protect the only Earth we will ever have to live on. Keep up the great work!

all of us mammals need clean air to breathe !!

Clean air is a God given right that should be respected and encouraged.

Thank you!

The air we breath must not be used as a free sewer for industry to scatter its dirt into. Industry Must par the cost of safely disposing of its dirty byproducts or change its processes so that they do not spread dirt into the air.

The air we breath should not be used as a free sewer for industry to scatter its dirt into. Industry MUST pay the cost of safely disposing of its byproducts or change it's methods so as not to produce dirt they can not properly dispose of

i support you and a thankful that someone wants to make a change thank you and god bless :) i'll be praying for you.

Please help us get the cleanest air possible!

Thanks for your help,

Eric Hensgen

Thank you !!!!!!

I support you! We need to change to clean energy!
Thank you for all you do.

Thanks for taking the initiative to do this. Hopefully, hearing from a qualified professional who sees the impact of dirty air on kids will help sway some of the politicians toward common sense.

I didn't start suffering from asthma until I was an adult. It is a very scary thing. Coal fired power plants are filthy, I used to work at one, and the need to be cleaned up and hopefully phased out. We should not let the energy industry polute as much as they do, let alone more.

All of the sudden I suffer from the worse allergies ever. Why is it so hard to address the clean air issue? Oh I forgot corporations have congress in their pockets and of course Congress will always take the side of business. Remember Congress won't do right by us the citizens of this country.
The planet and us will always lose.
They refuse to do wind and solar energy. Unreal.

Without clean air, clean water, and clean food, we cannot continue to live. Adults and children are affected. Republicans as well as democrats. All religions. Even those who vote against CLEAN! No one goes untouched by the unclean in our world. No One! There are no exceptions for legislators, although they act as if there were. Everyone is included. Clean air, water, food or unclean. That is the choice. Keep your eyes on those who vote and how they vote and then act accordingly!

It is with a sigh of relief, after a deep breath of salty air, to hear you're acting as Florida's Clean Air Ambassador. Credibile frontline leadership is indespensible if we are to make inroads in this current out-of-contol corporate profit at any cost war against basic public health necessities like clean air. A physician as Ambassador; what a breath of fresh air.

Clean air should be a given. However, in our modern world the number of air pollutants grows daily along with the health problems they cause. It doesn't have to be that way and we must hold our officials accountable for protecting citizens rather than corporate profits.

Please do all you can to bring about reforms that meet the needs of citizens and protect the environment we all depend on. Some things can't be compromised--clean air and water are at the top of that list. They are life-giving and sustaining and should be "givens". We need the EPA and appropriate regulations to provide necessary safeguards.

there is no option for clean air. The GOPs plan to reduce the size and regulatory programs of the EPA is designed to let firms pollute more. The GOP cares about money from polluters, not sickness coming from dirty air. Moreover the GOP is trying to gut the health reform progams, forcing people to use private MDs who won't often take them or charge exhorbitant costs.

The GOP claims cutting the EPA will help reduce the deficit. Nonsense. It will increase health care costs. But the GOP cares about profits, not people.

I fully support the Ambassador

Yes Maam,

The nation does need to concentrate on some of the more important things that affects us all, and, one of then is clean air
for all to breathe.
It is saddening to see babies and the young ones, separate from older ones like me, unable to grow up in a normal way nature had intended.
Thank you on behalf of the many for the work you're doing.

Sincerly, Leslie Lowe

Clean air is so important to our health. It's our duty to find out which poiticians are voting against clean air and water or trying to limit the EPA from doing their job - then, we need to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. Let's send a strong message of zero tolerance to those voting against clean air and clean water and to dismantle the EPA.

Well, I have been a sufferer from very active air vents all my life and clean air is absolutely what I need.
Our survival depends on clean, decent air.

It just seems so simple - clean air, healthy food; entertainment that doesn't insult, injure, or disgust. Just exactly whose interest does all this pollution, waste, and poor taste serve?

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