Mark Mitchell

She said "it's not unusual for a third of inner-city children to have asthma," implying that there is a double-standard for asthma in suburban children and inner-city children.

Profession: Physician
Group Affiliation: Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice

Clean Air Ambassador:

Mark Mitchell, MD, MPH

Hartford, Connecticut

I was conducting camp physicals for children attending the church camp across the street from my office, and I found that one-third of them had asthma. When I met with the state health official charged with investigating environmentally related disease clusters, she would not investigate because she said "it's not unusual for a third of inner-city children to have asthma," implying to me that there is a double-standard for asthma in suburban children and inner-city children.

I contracted asthma four years later during a fire at the sewage sludge compost facility that served 35 towns in three states. In Hartford, community residents are most concerned about the trash-to-energy incinerator that burns trash from 70 towns.

President Obama, members of Congress and officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency need to understand that asthma is one of the few diseases that can be legislated. Air pollution policy can reduce asthma and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as premature death. Many environmental justice communities are in air pollution "hot spots" that put their lives at risk. Many sources of air pollution are placed in communities that receive little benefit and suffer most of the health burdens from air pollution. These risks from other local air pollution sources should be considered in the air permitting process, as well as numbers of children, elderly and other sensitive populations located nearby.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Anybody who ignores the state of our environment is SOUND ASLEEP. You are the alarm clock they desperately need. I SUPPORT YOU.

Most people are unaware of where their garbage goes and perhaps a greater awareness of the destination of the noxious remnants, the lungs of the young and old near the incinerators, would bring greater clarity (literally and figuratively).

Maybe the folks who voted to gut the EPA think that THEY will be able to buy clean air .... but the REST of us can't!

Now that the EPA has a little more teeth it is being attacked by the republicans and nearly destroyed by the Ryan budget. We need people like the Clean Air Ambassadors to help affected people and to fight for the right of clean air.

Breathing clean air is for all of us. I support your efforts to make the air clean for all communities. Clean and healthy air for all of us. Bravo!
Thank you for all your efforts!!

You would think that after all these years the so-called "smart" people in politiics would understand what is right and what is wrong, as well as simple econcomics. Do they not know that they breathe the same air as everyone else? Preventing problems such as asthma would save more money in health care costs, etc. in the long run. Keep working to improve the air!

I went into business almost twenty years ago conserving energy through more efficient lighting for business, because every year I noticed that the skyline kept getting worse.

Millions of pounds CO2 has been saved from the atmosphere, but our company's efforts are just a drop of effort in an ocean of need.

I support your effort to help speed up the process of getting mutual agreement that we must do more to counter the direction we are moving towards in regards to reducing our carbon footprint.

Clean air means better life for all life forms, including humans.

let wshington know what goes on locally.

I support your fight for Clean Air

Thank you

Joe W.

Keep fighting the "good" fight!

I support your efforts. How sad that there is not concern for the environment and all forms of life.

We must do more to obtain clean air. I am an upper middle class professional living in New Haven. My two daughters both have asthma, although their asthma improved dramatically after they moved out of the northeast to the west coast - with clean air blowing in off the Pacific Ocean. After living for many years in New Haven, I also developed asthma.

In the mid 1970's when I worked for EPA, Region I, we conducted a survey of air quality as it entered New England in the summer, using both ground and in-the-air sampling. We documented then that air was coming into New England already exceeding air quality standards on many days - and only worsened with added emissions. In the past thirty-five years air quality has further deteriorated, yet the truth about the lack of air quality and what needs to be done to clean the air has been buried in the de-regulation mania. Now the smog in the summer extends well into Maine. And of course, smog is only one of the air quality problems. We must dramatically reduce our emissions.

We all need to be breathing clean air. I support your efforts to make the air in Manchester clean and healthy. Bravo!
Thank you for all your efforts and for caring about our environment.

I support your efforts Dr. Mitchell. Manchester is down-wind from Hartford, and every summer in the evening air comes a smoky smell, not of wood burning, but of unidentifiable burning material. One must close windows to keep the smell of the night air out.
During summer and winter evenings, the air can be so acrid it will burn the back of your throat if out walking or biking.

IN past years, I have notified the DEP about the smell. I think their problem is identifying the source. The smell is generally gone by early morning.

I need clear air so I can ride my bike to work, so my garden can grow and I can open my windows in the summer. We need to transition to a clear air economy right now.

Unclean air will catch up to everyone eventually, so if it hasn't effected you know, it will. If not for yourself, think of the future generations of species you will help save with clean air.

As a runner, outdoorsperson, and committed environmentalist, I have seen and felt the effects of air pollution. The cleaning and greening of our environment is imperative not just for our health and the health of our children, but for all beings, now and future. Keep up the good effort!

I support breathing!
If you don't, please hold your breath for 10 minutes, then we can talk!

The Republican/right stance for deregulation is so illogical it makes me wonder how anyone could take it seriously.

As an emergency medicine physician assistant, a sierra club member, and an adult onset asthmatic, I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing. We need clean air to breath like we need clean water to drink, and food to eat.

Know that those of us who can't be there in fact are with you in our hearts and minds....clean air - clear lungs - life as it was meant to be.....

We all need clean air. The EPA must keep regulations strong to inforce clean air standards. Good Luck and Thank you.

Keep up the good work. It is so important to everyone in our country and the entire global community.

My husband has such bad asthma that he can't always think very well and coughs and sneezes all the time. He hasn't worked in years.

Dr. Mitchell,
I like your insight "asthma is one of the few diseases thta can be legislated." My wife comes from Harbin China and over the last 14 years we have seen some wonderful and terrible changes their as the country grows, and also becomes more environmentally aware.
Thank you for your work.

It is inconceivable that in spite of all the evidence, we still have lawmakers that are oblivious to the data. Oh, hang on a sec! Those lawmakers are there because of corporate silver. While you're in DC, why not have a word with those corrupt Supreme Court judges about banning corporate "personhood" and political contributions. Afterall, it's what the nation's founding fathers wanted, and wrote into law.

Thank you for your work, Dr. Mitchell!

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