Martin Donohoe

I am disheartened by Oregon's level of industrial air pollution, which includes our continued reliance on coal.

Profession: Physician and Adjunct Associate Professor at Portland State University
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility, Oregon Chapter

Clean Air Ambassador:

Martin Donohoe

Lake Oswego, Oregon

I am a physician, and I write, lecture and teach about the health consequences of environmental degradation and social injustice. Air pollution has affected me personally, as I cannot run outside on bad air quality days due to wheezing. I am also concerned for my family—especially my daughter, niece and nephew.

I am disheartened by Oregon's level of industrial air pollution, which includes our continued reliance on coal—the Boardman coal-fired power plant—diesel fumes from trucks going through the I-5 Highway corridor, our Superfund site on the Willamette River, and burning of trash and other wastes at the Salem incinerator. (An incinerator has also been proposed for McMinnville.)

I want President Obama, members of Congress and officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to know that we need stronger air pollution standards and higher levels of preparedness for disasters.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Thank you for your work. Without people like yourself advocating for the rest of us, we would be in worse shape than we are now. Keep it up and keep us informed.

The last forty years have put corporate CEO's in the governmental driver's seat. The result is an attack on the Clean air Act, the EPA and any other agency that is making a genuine attempt to mitigate our energy needs with the very important task of protecting our air, water and soils. We must stop these people from putting everything and everyone at risk for the sake of their bottom line.

I posted a message a couple days ago. Today my son emailed an article from Forbes listing the most polluted cities in the US. Hanford, Calif. where I lived until this February was one of the worst cities. I was fortunate my children did not have asthma but most of my friends, colleagues and their children did. It is not just industrial pollution but also that of agribusiness with dust, pesticides and herbicides.

Thank Dr. Donohoe!

As a young person and recent college graduate, I'm concerned that members of my generation will have to live with the impacts of our reliance on fossil fuels for decades to come. It's time to fully enforce the Clean Air Act, curb toxic mercury and other pollutants from coal plants, and protect the health of the atmosphere for this and future generations. Thank you.




Thank you for your leadership-and for being
there for those who are too young to vote-or
to understand the risks being taken.
I really do not have any way to understand
how any one can vote against those who are
working for clean air for Everyone..Are those
in opposition somehow able to survive without breathing? Don't they need oxygen?
Politics has no valid place when it comes to
providing health care for all individuals .
Support HR 676! -We must join the rest of
the nations who have learned to care for one another. !

Keep up the great work! Vigilant people like yourself are a great asset to the people of Oregon.

Thank you!

Hello Martin--thanks for your leadership on this. Perhaps we can find a way to collaborate. Neighbors for Clean Air is also concerned about the issue of industrial air toxics affecting our communities in Oregon. Please visit www.whatsinourair.org - would love to meet you someday.


A heartfelt thank you for all the work you do on all of our behalf. Keep fighting - we're with you all the way!

ThAnK YoU for doing the right thing, for speaking out and taking action on behalf of all of us. ThAnK YOU!!!

Coal power is the biggest producer of green- house gas we have going, and we need to get the very dirty Boardman plant closed (it is the only one in Oregon, but my electricity, despite my purchase of wind power credits from PPL, is probably mostly coming from coal plants in other states). NO MORE COAL-FIRED PLANTS - here or anywhere - and get the others shut down. It is only cheap if we ignore the external costs of lung and heart diseases, coal-ash spills, ruined towns and water supplies in Appalachia and elsewhere, and the steadily warming planet and acidifying oceans.
Stop the LNG projects that have been planned for Oregon. The Cascadia subduction zone is likely to slip at any time; look at Japan and realize an LNG port is not appropriate for such an earthquake and tsunami-threatened coastline as we have here (and the corporation planning to put one in has recently talked of using it as an EXPORT facility for natural gas from this country. How is that going to help us be more energy self-sufficient?)
Insist on more efficient vehicles - Toyota says if they have to get 60mpg in their cars they can and they will - so make them have to - the other manufacturers are surely not any less competent at meeting such a standard.
We can do this. The will is everywhere except in the corridors of power. Get a grip, you national leaders.
Thank you, Dr. Donohoe, for being our voice.

Thank you, Martin, for all you are doing to make our earth less polluted. You are the voice representing thousands!

Thank you for helping to raise the consciousness of humanity.
Keep on keeping on!

Thank you for your work! Please encourage wind power, instead of nuclear power, as the alternative to the coal plants.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

I am outraged at the excessive aluminum and birillium that is being sprayed into our air without our permission. Its affects are accumative and many are sick but have not connected the dots yet. Your rights to pollute or experiment end where my air begins. Just go to Youtube and watch "What in the world are they spraying?" and you will know the scientific facts. Stop it now- you are slowly killing our planet. It creates all the air and food and gives you this experience to live. Wake up!

Thank you for your commitment and work on our behalf!

On behalf of my children and grandchildren, thank you for protecting the quality of our environment.

Thank you for taking on this responsibility.

I support your commitment to clean, better quality air. Thank you for taking the role of Clean Air Ambassador.

As a healthcare worker, wife, mother and grandmother, I am concerned about the disregard for my family's and the public's health whether it be the air we breath, the water we drink or the chemicals we eat. It is time to confront the corporate mindset regarding their short term goals at the cost of our long term health conditions. Thank you for taking on the role of Clean Air Ambassador. Thank you for caring.

What is the second fastest way to get a drug into a human body? Via the lungs. The fastest is by injection directly into the blood stream. The point is that our atmosephere is a poisonous soup that we are forced to breathe every day. How long can a person be expected to stay healthy breathing pollution (much of which is extremely toxic)? I suspect that the sharp increase in the occurrence of rare diseases from the past is due to the sharp increase in air, water and soil pollution of the present. (And GMOs don't help the health situation.)

Please let our political leader that there are thousands--hundreds of thousands of people behind you. The majority knows that we need to change our reliance on fossil fuels and that political representatives need to act.

Thank you for speaking out and standing up for our health! I really appreciate and admire people who are willing to volunteer their time to make the world a better place.

Please email me if there is any way I can help!

I am an environmental activist who has been working for air, water and soil 'health' for many years. Mostly the quality of improvement has gotten worse! Corporate control of almost every aspect of out lives is hugely the cause for this insanity. I encourage you to actually READ the definition of 'fascism' just in case you think I am a whack o. Detoxing and sustaining authentically Healthy ecologys is going to take more than luke-warm support on both state and national levels.
"Recycling may not save the world but...the recycling Spirit might"

We are not good stewards of our world.
I applaud efforts to clean up our environment. Is it possible that there is more Autism in part due to our polluting?

Thank you for stepping up. We need more people like you speaking out.

As a resident of Oregon, I totally agree that Oregon needs much higher air quality standards!

Burning of fields, control forest burning, which by the way often causes out of control forest fires), wood burning stoves which do not meet clean air standards are just some of the air pollution problems we have here in Oregon!

Our air is our life. I am old enough to remember no polution in the air. It was glorious to wake up in the morning and breath in the refreshing qualities of our air. I remember the day when I saw what I assumed was smog coming into Montana's clean air ( about 40 years ago). I was devastated. Since then our air quality has gone down hill. Our birds are not as abundant, our children are getting more problems related to the environment and that includes our air quality, and our weather system is going crazy. We used to have seasons of storms, but those storms were not as severe and intense as todays, and now everyday I hear of some weather related catastrophe happening that never has happened before.

The science community has told us for a long time that this would happen if we didn't get our air quality under control. I say talk about the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. We need to stablize the atomsphere or this won't level out and go back to our former world of clean air. As it is, it will take years to stablize our atomsphere if we start today, but time is running out and we must do something or mother nature will do it for us by killing all of us and then it will stablize itself over hundreds of years without us.

It is so large a subject and I have tried to lump it into such a small space, but I am sure you understand the severity of the situation, and will do something to get the ball rolling at least in Oregon first and then hopefully it will spread. We need clean air again.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for stepping forward and being a spokesperson for this important, and life sustaining issue. All living things on this great Earth need clean air to breathe.

The time has come !

we need clean, responsibly operated technology. no nuclear, coal or fracking for gas!

While I am particularly sensitive, I have healed my asthma through diet and tremendous attention paid to daily behaviors and activity. It took over 15 years of experiment, study and practice to find a collection of balanced solutions. One thing I must pay attention to is air pollution. I am like a Canary in the coal mine as are the lungs of children and other animals; I know when things are out of balance. I support our Clean Air Ambassadors to bring health and wellness in Oregon and elsewhere forward.

With Oregon having led the way on many conservation and recycling programs, I find it hard to believe that coal is still being used in this state. We deserve and want the cleanest environment possible, and this smacks in the face our record of caring for the health of every citizen. Please clean-up and eliminate coal use nationwide. Coal is a terrible, polluting fossil fuel that needs either totally new technology to clean its emission problems, or its elimination for all industrial uses, sources of power and all other uses. Thank you.

We owe it to our children to give them clean air to breathe!

We are supposed to remain the Best, Now we sell that all in return for short term Wall St. gains. We will collapse an overused dying culture that wallows in it's own mess and dreams of past glory. We could have rebuilt the wold, led it to shared prosperity on a healthy world. Is there any way to get that back or are we too far gone?

Granting the permit for biomass burning in Eugene was a betrayal of the public process as the community does not want the poison.

We have made a lot of progress in the past. Now is not the time to reverse that progress.

As a person who suffers from asthma and as a mother, I vehemently support our Clean Air Ambassador as he works to strengthen our air quality. We need clean energy to clean our air and our climate and we need all the help we can get.
Thank you for doing what you do!

It's great to hear that so many of us are concerned about the air we breathe every day and it is past-time for our society to start making 'truly-new choices' regarding our relationship with out Air, Water, Food, and Soil.

I worry that because I work in a downtown office building, I am exposed to high levels of toxic emissions from industrial sites along the Willamette River. Some days I can actually smell the smoky, sooty odors coming in through the HVAC system. I feel it is affecting my health and will shorten my lifespan.

We need to work together on making our air fit to breath and our planet safe to live on. Your time spent on being our Ambassador will make a difference. Thank you!

How wonderful of you to spend your time and expertise on this hugely important issue.
Thank you!

How wonderful of you to give your time and expertise on this hugely important issue! Thank you.

How wonderful of you to give your time and expertise on this hugely important issue! Thank you.

I appreciate your willingness to stand up for clean air and for all that need to breathe.

We need to control the air the breathe.

I grew up back East in the Washington DC area where the air quality is so bad on some summer days that they warn people not to go outside. Three of my nephews have asthma. It's high time to put the health of humans and other organisms before profits and get ourselves off of this dangerous addiction to coal and other fossil fuels.

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