Maura Flynn

No one should be exposed to toxic air simply because polluters do not want to pay to clean up their acts.

Profession: Registered Nurse
Group Affiliation: Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses/American Nurses Association

Clean Air Ambassador:

Maura Flynn

Maynard, MA

I have been concerned about air pollution since the 1970s when activists brought that issue to the attention of the public. At the time, I was living near a municipal incinerator and I remember that ash and cinders were in the air all the time. As a nurse, I am aware of the data regarding the rising incidence of childhood asthma and other respiratory problems.

Where I live, highway traffic and coal-burning plants are of particular concern. I am especially concerned about diesel pollution.

I want President Obama, members of Congress, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials to acknowledge that there is no such thing as "clean coal." It is important that our air is safe to breathe. No one should be exposed to toxic air simply because polluters do not want to pay to clean up their acts. Congress and other officials should be making decisions that affect our health based on science rather than political contributions.

2013 Clean Air Ambassador 2013 Clean Air Ambassador: Maura Flynn.
Maura was also a Clean Air Ambassador during the second
50 States United for Healthy Air event, held in May 2013.
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You're awesome, Maura! I'm actively involved in MA as well via the Sierra Club among other green groups and am thankful for people like yourself who continue to stand for environmental and social health justice against businessmen and politicians who clearly only care about money. Keep up the wonderful work and outreach efforts!

Hi Maura!

Thank you for representing all of our voices in Mass and our right to breathe clean air! I am a Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner here in Western Mass and deeply recognize the importance that clean air has on our health.

Bless You,

~ Antonio ~

Thank you for going to washington for us. I used to work as a nurse at East Boston Health Center which is where a lot of people live near the airport and the Callahan tunnel...I worked with so many kids with asthma that I started coughing everytime an inhaler was puffed...
Asthma is to a large degree a disease caused by callous polluters.

I congratulate and thank you for taking such a public stance for Clean Air!
You inspire me.

It is incredible that with the technology that the USA has that biomass and coal plants will and are being implemented. It is time to evolve and do what is sustainable for the planet. You are either with us or against us.

I am alarmed - I recently read that Senator Scott Brown voted on the side of industry pollution instead of clean air for us! Is this really true? What's up with this???

Thank you for standing up for our right to clean air. An unexpected asthma episode recently reminded me how truly precious the ability to breathe clean, fresh air is. Thank you very much for taking on this issue.

While in DC, please stop in and congratulate Senator Frank Lautenberg for introduction of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 and ask what we can do here in Massachusetts to get it passed.

Clean air should be a fundamental right. Every year, many Americans young and old get sick because of air pollution. Thousands die. But our lungs don’t have to be the dumping ground for dirty industries.

Maura, thank you for all you do to represent the clean air we all need to survive.

Asthma has become a national epidemic. It is our responsibility to do all we can to not only halt, but redress current air pollution. It is up to us to ensure that future generations of people as well as all life forms on earth enjoy a healthy environment.

My son was recently diagnosed with asthma. We live on about 200 yards from a state highway in an apartment community. He is one of many children in this community who has asthma and is under the age of nine. Since we moved here three years ago, he has had almost constant respiratory infections. I recently read in the local paper that Middlesex County failed to reduce the level of ozone in the air--inspection by the American Lung Association if I'm not mistaken.
I fully support you in representing us in the fight for our right to clean air. Thankyou Maura, for taking the time to do so.

Thank you for representing me in this effort. I wish I had the time and technical competence to represent myself, but I don't. At least we have you.

Thank you Maura, i'm glad you care about the publics health, unlike some people who should.

Thank you Maura, for all that you do.

Thank you for all you're! doing, Maura - this cause is SO important to all of us!

my daughters and i suffer from asthma and while we live in a very beautiful and wonderful area in western mass. it could be that much better if we didn't have one of the most toxic coal fired plants in the state right next door.

in a country where we spent a ridiculous amount of money on the military i do believe that we can siphon some of that money towards clean energy. as kennedy got behind the space race in the 60's we need politicians with vision to get behind clean renewable energy and i do not mean nuclear energy! the space race touched our lives in so many other ways than rockets to the moon (it helped bring us the personal computer) and a clean energy revolution supported vigorously by the government would create many jobs and make this place far healthier.

I have developed asthma as a 35 year old pregnant mother in Boston 3 years after I came to live hear from overseas. I have gotten worse over the last years. My two daughters saw two of their friends get a severe attack. Both girls died one on route to hospital, the other years later. I teach in the inner city and one third of my students are severely asthmatic and another third shows asthma symptoms occasionally. These are 5 and 6 year olds that will have to watch their breathing and avoid exposure to triggers as I do. That should send warning bells ringing. We need to protect these children.

Thank you for doing that.


They would like us think that for the sake of business and economic growth, we have to settle for less than clean air. That should be an alarm bell that something is wrong.

Obviously clean air is important for human health. Therefore we need to continue to work towards total use of alternative energy (sun, wind, geothermal etc.) Nuclear is not an option because of the radioactive waste. There is no such thing as clean coal, The pollujtion just goes underground and who knows how much harm it does. The sun is up there. We must tap it's power, cut the subsidies to dirty oil and steer them towards clean alternative energy production.

How about companies motivated by sharing in creating a better society, rather than just making more money? What a different country we would have, if everyone worked to make our air and water safe! Thank you for speaking for us all.

The incredible rise in childhood asthma over the last couple of decades certainly reflects the quality of the air we're breathing. We desperately need to clean up our air and water if we want healthy generations of Americans now and in the future. Thanks you for being an ambassador for us all.

Thank you for your activism! I am very appreciative of what you are doing.

Healthcare costs are rising in our country and pollution contributes to medical problems and thus to the cost of healthcare. It is unacceptable and abusive that polluters should profit from our national and personal, financial and medical misery. Furthermore, children's cognitive function is damaged by pollution such as mercury, limiting our national competitiveness and even our national security. Pollution is not a victemless crime, it victemizes us all.

Thank you for helping care for our planet and not for the rich few who prey upon it!

I'm confident I speak for my brothers & sisters of Native America in reminding you that the earth does not belong to man,rather man belongs to the earth and we are just the care takers for our children.We have been doing a poor job it! I Honor any and all who take this responsibility seriously! Much Thanks and Many Blessings to Maura Flynn! May The Creator of us all continue to bless & guide you. Tsiniwhit,SmallBear

Companies that pollute play on an unlevel field tipped in their favor. Making them clean up helps "level the playing field" and costs us all a lot less than paying later for the health and other costs of their pollution. It is economic foolishness as well as health foolishness to live in dirty air.

Thank you for standing up and speaking out. Our government cannot allow our health and environment to be marginalized for the sake of increasing profits for an industry that is already wealthy. It's a David vs. Goliath fight, but there's a lot of us helping you to hold your slingshot.

It is time to make living in American safe for all Americans.

It is time to make living in America as safe as possible for all Americans.

I totally agree with your position and I am so grateful that you are speaking out and trying to help change things for all of us.

I had a garden in Hamden, CT, and the plants nearer the road did less well than those further back. People respond similarly, with those who are exposed to pollutants being sicker and dying sooner than those who can (still?) enjoy clean air. My father, living in the Pioneer Valley, home of the Mt.Tom coal-burning plant, died of lung cancer, and he was a non-smoker. We will not be able to sue in class action suits anymore, so we need protective measures more than ever!

Good health is dependent on clean air. This is also true for the preservation of works of art whether inside museums or outside, exposed to the elements. Buildings, statuary, as well as the living landscape. All creatures and plants liveor die, depending on air quality. Acid rain happens when air contains pollution from auto and diesel fumes as well as other finely divided particles of industrial gas that contaminate the air we breathe.
Thanks for supporting the right for all to live free of unsafe air.

Our 5-year old son has developed asthma, and clean air is an incredibly personal and important issue for our family. We live near a busy intersection with lots of truck traffic, and have to keep our windows closed much of the day to avoid having toxic fumes waft into the house. We have also had to invest in expensive air filters. Now, we are looking at trying to move to find a neighborhood with better air quality.

We live downwind of Dirty Coal Power Plants that fight reducing their particulate and the area is subjected to high childhood asthma rates.
It's time to clean up.

We live by a busy intersection where huge trucks haul building materials and equipment day and night. On Cape Cod, where summer breezes should keep us cool, we have to keep our windows closed to avoid breathing exhaust and diesel fumes. The unbreathable air in that one small place is just a drop in an ocean of earth-killing pollution.

Clean air and water are basic to life and should be a priority for all Americans.

I would like to emphasize the vast number of children (under 15) with asthma and apparent environmentally stimulated respiratory symptoms. There is just something "gut wrenching" about watching a child, who had absolutely nothing to do with the pollutants, gasping for breath and in fear for their life! This is happening in my small city by the thousands in my 11 years as an ED Nurse. We cannot leave this Legacy for our children and granchildren!

Thanks for representing those of us who are here now and those who will be with us later in the years to come.

As an asthmatic because of early exposure to industrial pollutants, I fully support the fight for clean air.

Mt sister's a nurse and is very knowledgeable, I have full confidence that Maura will represent our biggest concerns. She already seems, like me, to not let the administration dupe us into false information.

externalizing costs = trying to get away with it = shame!

Excellent work! Thanks for representing us!

that's right, it's called externalizing costs, and it's being done to our kids and our grandkids and it's way beyond immoral. thank heaven's for someone like this to speak up!

Although I have always been concerned about air pollution, I recently learned that my one year old grandchild has a genetic abnormality which will weaken his lungs and my cause emphysema and/or lung cancer at some point in his life. The best we can do for him is to make sure his lungs are not further compromised by what he breathes. Clean air has never been more important to me as it is now.
Thank you for all you do for all of us.

Thank you for caring and standing up to the big money corporations, you are an inspiration

Thank you so much.

Dear Maura,

Thank You for giving of your time and of yourself. You inspire all of us to do what we can. Yoiu are a great example!!
Where would we all be without clean air and clean water????


Thank you for being Massachusett's Clean Air Ambassador. No one should have the right to impinge on our right to have clean, pure air to breathe. This is especially true for corporations who are making profits while being allowed to disregard the harm they do to their neighbors and all citizens by dirtying the environment. Air can be made cleaner and we should be doing it now.

Without clean air and clean water how can anyone be healthy? What store would we go to to get more clean stuff? We've only got one air supply, in the end. There's no clean coal. It is also important that President Obama knows that the so-called "clean" energy natural gas pollutes the air even more than oil, if you take the production process into account (and how can you not?) Watch the natural gas companies, folks; they are fracking now and it pollutes both water and air - but they're starting to become more visible in ads and as public radio supporters as the "good guys".

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