Michael McCally

Decision-makers in Washington, D.C. need to understand that clean air is a health care bargain. Lives are saved.

Profession: Physician
Group Affiliation: Physicians for Social Responsibility

Clean Air Ambassador:

Michael McCally, MD

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I live in the Southwest, and we can see the haze caused by air pollution. Asthma rates in our clinics and hospitals continue to rise.

Decision-makers in Washington, D.C. need to understand that clean air is a health care bargain. Lives are saved. Expensive hospitalization and medical care are avoided. Sick days off work and absence from school are reduced. Improvements to air quality pay for themselves.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Thank you.

If you would you like to involved in a Gasland screening in Santa Fe, please contact me.

Thank you so much for speaking out!

Thank you for the work, now and in the future, to inform, educate, and transform ....our children especially are grateful!

Thank you for all your efforts in supporting health over profit.

You have my support in your quest to pressure our so called representatives to put the people before profit. Speak loud.

Thanks for being an environmental champion!

Thank you for all that you do to stand up for clean air on behalf of ALL of us!

Companies are putting profits before health!

Most days I think of myself as a perfectly normal average healthy person and then I have a bad day. In fact I had two pneumonia's in 3 months a few years ago and I have multiple allergies (my whole life.)

At age 69 i see things are not being addressed to better our clean living , what we are all entitled to.
Living in Sweden for some years I had no health problems. Are we not as valuable to ourselves as they are?

Keep up the great work.

We moved to NM for its clean air in comparison to other states. It's one of the most important health care decisions we have made.

Thank you, Michael.

I have pulmonary fibrosis which will eventually kill me (unless something else gets me first) and breathing is very difficult on "bad air days". I live right below the Intel Rio Rancho factory and there are many bad air days emanating from this plant. thank you for calling attention to the need for clean air.

In a world of human survival the priorities are such:
1. Air (can only live a few minutes without it)
2. Water (can only live a few days without it)
3. Food (can only live a few weeks without it)
4. Shelter (can only live a few months exposed to the elements)

Shouldn't we all stive to make each of these not just basic human rights and keep them as decontaminated as possible.

Push for legislation which criminalizes dumping toxins into OUR air. The megacorporations do not have the right to poison everyone's air. The CEOs, Boards of directors and top management must be imprisoned for polluting. The corporations must be heavily fined to pay for the clean up of the polluted air they have made. This is the only thing they will understand for these corporate people do not live by rules of reason.

keep up the good work we need to change a lot of good times in this world. thank for all you do.
sincerely recycling Jake wolfhart
a green soul!!!

We must stop trading lives for profit by allowing corporations to continue to pollute our environment in their money-making industries.

Yes, yes, yes!

I know federal budgets have to be cut, but we need to carefully prioritize what gets cut. In our current environment, we should not cut funding for the EPA, AND we need to give more authority and support to the EPA so they can do what they are there for. I know it's very difficult to see what our polluted air is doing to us and to all other living things, but for certain the polluted air is not doing a good thing for anyone, including our children.

We need to give the EPA the power it needs to do its job.

Clean air is essential to healthy life on our planet. Thank you for your good work.

Thanks so much for what you are doing!! I have been embarrassed by the lack of commitment and leadership the US government has shown re all environmental issues!! This is absolutely essential!! As you know, what's in our air gets washed into the earth, absorbed by the plants we eat and the animals we eat who eat the plants too so our health is compromised in a big way. The bottom line is that I definitely support your efforts!! Little is more important to the well being of those we leave the planet to!

EPA is a good thing. Strengthening clean air standards , making companies comply is a must! Funding EPA a must.

Thank you for standing up for something that is so fundamentally important. Without clean air to breathe there is no quality of life for living creatures as a whole. This issue is a top priorty and needs to be dealt with NOW. Thanks again for fighting for our earth, and our right to breathe.

Thank you for standing for our right to clean air.

You have my full support, sir. Thanks for standing for clean air.

I adamantly agree with Michael McCally, MD
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I, too, live in the Southwest, and can see the haze around Albuquerque caused by air pollution. TV news reports frequently give health alerts due to poor air quality around the metro area.

Decision-makers in Washington, D.C. must understand that clean air is a health care bargain, which automatically translates into huge dollar savings as lives are saved, and expensive hospitalization and medical care are avoided.

Please continue to advocate for a clean environment

Thank you for agreeing the air belongs to all of us, not just large corporations

Thank you for your hard work sir!

Thank you for your hard work sir!

Thank you for your hard work sir!

As someone managing a moderate COPD condition, I am especially grateful for your work!

Thank you for bettering our future by fighting for clean air and water. You are GREATLY appreciated by many!

Thank you for taking the fight to Washington. Clean air and beautiful blues skies are the reason I moved to New Mexico.

Clean air and clean water! YES!

Thank you Dr. McCally.
May our voices be heard through you!

Thank you for taking a stand Dr. McCally!Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are going - Chinese proverb

Thank you for taking up the fight. We definitely need to make our voices heard.

What the politicians in Washington fail to remember time and again, is we ALL breath the same air. There is no Planet B if our air fails on this planet.

All the best in Washington, and thank you for caring and for all your effort to keep our air pure so we can enjoy the beauty of our planet with each breath...

Clean air--essential for our health. It's absurd we have to battle for this, but thanks for taking up the fight.

Right on, Michael!

It is sad that a constant battle must be waged against corporate giants and their attacks on the enviornment.

Clean air, YES! and clean water. We shouldn't serve as filters to absorb industrial pollution. Besides, I want to see the beautiful landscape where I live clearly, not through a haze of particulate.

Thank you for making our case!

I am an East Coast native who has lived in New Mexico for nine years. Given our state's limitless solar and wind energy, I find it patently ludicrous - and more than a little heartbreaking - that our utility companies should rely so heavily on fossil fuels simply to line the pockets of an avaricious oligarchy.

New Mexico is too beautiful to be a dumping ground. Please tell our Congressmen - particularly notorious corporate shill Steve Pearce - that we deserve stewards, not despots. Thank you, Dr. McCally, for your commitment to New Mexico.

Ever notice that the same party that always trumpets about 'families' and their 'grandkids' doesn't care about air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, global warming, and so on? Just a bit hypocritical, eh?

Clean Air and Clean Water are every living creatures right and they are not for sale!
Thank you Dr.McCally for your efforts.

A healthy environment would be a great help in reducing the high cost that poor health creates. Couple this with healthier diets and excercise and the country would see a marked improvement in quality of life.

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