Randy Ellis

I want decision makers in Washington, D.C. to hear from people in the community so they can hear our real concerns.

Profession: Debt Management Superviser
Group Affiliation: Roane County

Clean Air Ambassador:

Randy Ellis

Harriman, Tennessee

The Tennessee Valley Authority coal-fired power plant in my community is of great concern. My parents lived across the road from the TVA ash spill of 2008. After the spill, the dust became very heavy in their home. It was tested and found to contain fly ash.

I want decision makers in Washington, D.C. to hear from people in the community, not more officials from TVA or the Environmental Protection Agency, so they can hear the real concerns of our community. This will help them make better decisions on air pollution control in our area.

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Thanks so much for speaking up, Randy. I am so happy that you are bringing awareness to the coal ash spill.

Give 'em hell, Randy!

Thank you for speaking up for all us here in Tennessee!

Thank you, Randy, for speaking up for clean air for those of us in Tennessee!

Good for you, Randy. As the Republicans ramp up attacks on the EPA, it's time for all citizens to speak with one voice. We demand clean air, clean water and clean food. There is currently an epidemic of cancer and other tragic diseases in this country, with many of the cases directly attributable to pollutants, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. No one is looking out for us. Our poiiticians are looking out for their corporate buddies. We support you 100%!

Thanks, Randy! I'll be thinking about all of you tomorrow!

I know you will represent us well. When you have time, please report back on RoaneViews.com. I hope you can get TVA to stop polluting and actually clean up their past messes.

Randy I have seen you in documentaries and on the national news. I know you will represent your community well!

Please do make your point. Here in NC Duke Energy wants to put up yet another big coal fired power plant (mostly to service SC) and no new coal fired plants should be constructed! For some reason Earthjustice does not have an "Ambassador" listed for either NC or SC, so please speak for us as well. Coal fired plants pollute our air, our water and our land. If they start "fracturing" to get more coal, the very planet may become unstable. Move now to clean energy sources and one of them should be hydrogen! Why is hydrogen always "ten to fifteen years" away? Special vested interests, that's why. Tell Congress we are watching them, because dirty coal and big dirty oil has too many of them in their pockets. Please watch a copy of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" before your trip if you have not already seen it. Good luck.

There are millions of us out here in the rural mid-west supporting you as you travel to DC. We are among those that suffer the externalized costs of dirty and disease-causing energy policy. Our community was told by our local energy provider..."when we put that plant there...no one lived there"...well, my family did and has been there since the mid-1800's. The same utility is operating a leaking impoundment since 1992 without any action from our state DNR or regional EPA. They also discharge 30 M gallons of impoundment wastewater to the Missouri River every day...just upstream from St. Louis.

We must work together to find and develop alternatives. There is not an easy answer but with the American spirit, backed by public and private support, we can solve the issues that face us.

Clean air is a fundamental right of every human being.

Thank you for telling it like it is! Too many politicians and corporations seem to be only interested in padding their pockets, and their friend's pockets, with more, and more, money.
People's health, wildlife and wild land preservation and the health of our only planet appear to mean nothing to them. Thank you for your continued efforts and please keep up the good work!

We thank you so much for speaking for all of us. It is not only us that depend on this but our children and grandchildren also.

Thanks, Randy, for speaking up for us. Tell em like it is.

We all have to breathe. This affects us all.

Clean coal is a dirty joke and burning it isnot appropriate for oxygen breathers. The people we hire/elect to protect our interests must do their jobs or lose their positions. We have too many occasions when corporations are given a free rein and citizens are run over.

In Mt. Pleasant, TN there is a plan to install an aluminum salt dump that will destroy the air and water quality for miles around. It is less than a mile from a school and has sink holes in the area that can collapse pollution into the water table.. Companies and jobs are planning to leave if this dump is allowed. Don't let the greedy polluters with their lack of vision destroy Tennessee.

Thank you for standing up for all of us. The squandering of something so basic as clean air is short-sighted and dangerous for ourselves and our children.

Keep up the good work.

Coal is not clean. That is another lie polluters like to spread around.

You are a hero.

To the TVA:
Stop killing us-!

How anyone can be so greedy that they would support something that would pollute the air that we all have to breathe just so they can rake in more money is more than I can understand. Republican policy seems to be anything is perfectly ok so long as people who already have more money and power than they need can keep piling up more wealth. Many people in Tennessee seem to be walking around with their eyes and ears closed. See and hear no evil...

I definitely support clean air for all creatures. I hope your Family is doing better.

I support clean air for all of the USA,stop polluters.

Sorry about your family, Randy. Keep speaking out and remember to vote for candidates who support clean air and water with legislation that has REAL TEETH in, not just pretty words!

Best wishes,

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