Sarah Bucic

I have found that heavy industry doesn't just happen, it seems to occur in areas where there is less perceived resistance.

Profession: Registered Nurse
Group Affiliation: Delaware Nurses Association

Clean Air Ambassador:

Sarah Bucic, MSN, RN

Delaware City, DE

When my daughter was just 6 weeks old, there was a steam emergency at the local oil refinery that triggered a near total shutdown. Some citizens reported visible substances on their cars. I realized then that I live in an environmental justice community. I became concerned and called the local natural resources agency.

As a healthcare provider, I had a duty to act. I subsequently formed the Delaware City Environmental Coalition and we have done the first stage of a two stage independent air monitoring project. We have also conducted community health surveys. I have found that heavy industry doesn't just happen, it seems to occur in areas where there is less perceived resistance.

My town has long been plagued by air pollution. The local refinery was ranked 7th nationally in 2009 for on-site releases of all chemicals and the local plastics plant ranked 2nd nationally for on-site vinyl chloride releases in 2009. Out of 38 Superfund sites in the state, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website, 3 are within a few mile radius around my town of 1900 people.

A few pollutants in our community are of particular concern. My county is a "non-attainment zone" for fine particulate matter. Refineries and heavy industry along the eastern corridor between New York and Washington D.C., plus heavy traffic lead to very high ozone levels in the summer. When I have researched pollution further, vinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturing seems to be the most toxic substance in our area.

Clean air, like clean water, is NOT a funding option to cut. Clean air and water are integral to human health. It cannot be argued that keeping the environment clean is "too expensive", as the price of not acting and the subsequent medical morbidity and mortality is too high.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Here in Sussex County, we have the largest single pollution source in Delaware, the Indian River coal-fired power plant and its gigantic coal ash piles polluting wind and water. We support the planned off-shore wind farm and want the filthy cash cow shut down.

Thanks Sarah for all you for Delaware City!!

Many thanks for your hard work. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Thanks, Sarah for all the hard work. Please keep up the great work and we support you 100 per cent. If you need help, just ask....

Thanks Sarah. We have your back.

The country is in a sad state when the profits of polluting industry takes priority of the health and welfare of the American people and the environment.

Thank you for everything you are doing for all of us!

Thank you for all of your hard work! We must not rest until we have the strongest environmental protections possible - for our air, our water and the land.

With industry groups, such as Big Oil, making obscene profits (oil made $38.1 billion in PROFITS in 1Q 2011 alone), we must do all we can to combat their influence in the beltway, end ALL govt. subsidies for them, increase their taxes (or pass a windfall profits tax law) and force them to spend some of their profits for the beneift of the public good.

Thank you once again Sarah! We've got your back!

I wish you good luck!
At least, we are trying and doing our best.
We all need clean air and water even the people who polute.God help you!!!

Sarah, Your courage and determination to seek social justice for all of us are truly inspiring. I hope others are moved to follow your example.

Sarah, thank you for speaking up for all of us. It is the "right thing" to do so. Just as important is the fact that for every dollar spent to maintain /improve air quality American citizens save 2-3 dollars on health care costs

Thank you for being our (Delaware's) ambassador for clean air. I have asthma, and although it is usually under control, it can flare up at any time, especially when air pollution is high. Thank you again for being an active proponent of Clean Air for Delaware - and everywhere.

I have COPD and have to take expensive inhaled corticosteroids , so clean air is an issue important to me.

Just remember you are equal to anyone and the passion of your conviction will carry the message more than your words can.

I respect you for being willing to fight for your logical beliefs. That you are doing so for my adult children and young grandchildren moves me from respect to appreciation. Ruth in Wilmington

I moved to Delaware before all those new homes were built on both sides of the Roth Bridge over the canal. For years after the new homes were occupied, I wonders as I drove through on DE.1 how people could be so Blip-blip to move so close to that refinery. So tell me !!

Hi, Sarah, I live in Georgetown, DE. I am glad that you are DE's Clean Air Ambassador! You are truly an inspiration and a blessing to all of us in DE and an example to others in the US. Keep up the good work!!

Thanks Tom!
I appreciate your support!

Thanks, Sarah...I live in DE now having come from a pristine state, Hawaii! It's up to all of us to stand up and eliminate the air/water/soil polluters from dumping their toxic wastes onto our communities.

Hi Anita,
Wow, from Hawaii (50th) to Delaware (1st). I can only imagine how different it is. Thanks for your support!

Thank you, Sarah! Good luck in D.C.

Thanks Sam for all your help - I am excited!

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