Susan Falzon

The communities that host facilities like the Lafarge Cement Plant, whether willingly or not, need the protection of the government to ensure that they are not poisoned.

Profession: Retired
Group Affiliation: Friends of Hudson

Clean Air Ambassador:

Susan Falzon

Troy, New York

I've been concerned about air quality and air pollution since 1998 when I first became aware of power plant and cement plant permitting in upstate New York. In the broader community in which Friends of Hudson operates and has members, the cement industry has been of serious concern. The Lafarge Cement plant in Ravena, NY has been operating for almost 50 years. Over those years the plant has emitted significant amounts of pollutants and toxics, the effects of which have been visually apparent. But in the past decade we have become aware of the possible serious health effects as well.

The communities that host facilities like the Lafarge Cement Plant, whether willingly or not, need the protection of the government to ensure that they are not poisoned. Decision-makers in Washington, D.C. should create laws that are more protective of public health and the environment than of corporate profits. And they should ensure that these laws are enforceable and that industrial operations are monitored.

It is possible for industrial polluters such as the cement industry to produce far less pollution than they are permitted to do. Investments in newer pollution control technologies and in research and development will yield better air quality results than current operations do. It is imperative that the federal government require these companies to make such investments in order to have the privilege of extracting and using our natural resources.

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Thanks for supporting and taking action to put a stop this long overdue issue. You have my total support! Big business, including the oil & gas industry needs to be held accountable for destroying our environment, health and lives. The fate of our environment is not theirs to decide. There's nothing wrong with "big business" being profitable but not at the expense of our environment. Lobbyists should be banned from any government involvement since they and their employers' sole intention is to persuade government to allow them to conduct business at the expense of the environment and "we the people"! Stop them...stop them cold!!!

Thank you for protecting clean air which is vital to all of us , including the polluters. It is time that all corporations in all diciplins are held to the highest standards that protect the people & the environment. As a small business owner, I have nothing against large corporations making profits as long as they do not do so ina way that is detrimental to the only planet that we currently can exist on. You do not have to be rocket scientist to understand that if we continue to destroy the planet , we will eventually destroy ourselves!!!


Clean air is not something the government or industry decides altruistically to grant us. It is a natural resource and a human right. Those who would withhold it to enrich themselves need to be called out and brought to reason. Thank you for your dedication to our rights.

Thanks for speaking out. We're behind you. I didn't know that cement plants caused such environmental damage. We must wake up to the dangers and start doing something about them.

Sincere gratitude for all you are doing. Go get 'em!

Thank you for being an ambassador that really cares about people.

Susan - Thank you for fighting the fight..a big part of the reason why I joined the Clean Air Coalition of WNY is because at 29 years of age, I have already lost many friends to cancer - some even younger than me. I want to be the voice of those who are unable to speak and make our air safer for us & future generations. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your effort!

Thank you for your vision on the present and future environmental needs for the children not yet born.Many hugs.

We cannot continue damaging our environment in the way we have been. We need to put our brains, money and resources into creating non-polluting energy and industrial processes.

Thank you for protecting the air of New Yorkers who really appreciate the support.

Thank you for being our voice. A large company plans on building an asphalt plant within a couple miles of my house and at last, they are doing a study to see how much it will harm our environment. This plant would pollute our clean water and further pollute the air we breath.

Recent environmental catastrophes show that no industry can anticipate or provide adequate prevention for the many potential disasters that can occur. The economic burden of cleaning up after-the-fact usually falls to the taxpayers and the costs in terms of our health can last for generations. State government and its laws should protect the citizens when we are unable as individuals or as individual communities to protect ourselves. Thank you for taking action on our behalf!

Thank you for speaking out on behalf of us all - keep it up if you can.

As a person who suffers from COPD I appreciate your efforts to improve air quality. For me clean air is a life and death issue.

The air we breathe just like the water we drink is life sustaining. It is a resource that we cannot afford to lose. Pollution is a killer of this life sustaining air we breathe. It will cost us dearly in terms of healthcare for the illnesses that pollution will inevitable bring upon us. Is it worth the cost to allow these polluters to go on polluting our environment and our bodies.

Thanks for all your effort! So many people suffer from illnesses caused by pollutants.
Keep up the good work!

Clean air is necessary for us to stay alive and be healthy. I have myself noticed the increasing pollutants in the air, causing allergies and other health complaints. We shouldn't have to live with pollution if there are ways to prevent it. Thank you for speaking out for us!

Clean air is necessary for us to stay alive and be healthy. I have myself noticed the increasing pollutants in the air, causing allergies and other health complaints. We shouldn't have to live with pollution if there are ways to prevent it. Thank you for speaking out for us!

The people should nationalize the corrupt and fascist corporations and jail the thieving suits.

Clean air is a necessity for life.

Thank you for representing our views.

We're with you.

Thanks Susan. As you say, many people are unaware that the industries in their locale are emitting toxins into their air and water. It is precisely these situations that beg for the government to be involved, overseeing and protecting our natural resources (i.e., air and water). People say they want government out of their business, but if we allow businesses to oversee themselves we'll be in deep trouble. Keep up the good fight. We are with you.

As a supporter of the Friends of Hudson fight against St. Lawrence Cement and the plan for an enormous plant across the river from Hudson, NY, I appreciate your work on behalf of public health and the environment.

Thank you, it takes energy, time and guts to speak out, and, as others have said, thank you for speaking for all of us.

Thank you very much for speaking out on behalf of the rest of us!

Thaks so much! I'm 100% behind you!

I support you! Thank you for supporting the rest of us with your voice!
We need your voice against the cement plants and the polticians that could care less!

Behind you 100% !

Thanks for all you do!

I support You!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

Thanks for doing this! Cement plant are notorious mercury emitters. They say that there is nothing that can be done, but they are doing better in Europe. Please help us force companies to be responsible!

Thank You, keep up the GOOD fight!


Thank you!!!

Make our air clean again!

Thank you!!!

I live in Suffolk County, and we have received an "F" rating for air quality for the last several years. While much of the pollution is generated here, substantial amounts of the elements in the air also come from nearby state's coal power plants and facilities such as the concrete kilns.
I understand that these facilities are currently allowed to burn waste oil and residual oils, and are not required to use scrubbers in their smokestacks. It is time for that to change.

I was in a bus station in NYC the other. All the busses were idling for long periods of time. Then they left and the whole cycle began again. Why can't we implement the common sense solutions that hurt no one and save every one. I also live across the river from a power plant. My son sneezes day and night, 365 days out of the year. The amount of dust that we get is overwhelming. So for our own protection I bought an air purifier. Not everyone can afford to do that. This is only a drop in the bucket I know but "sometimes common sense is not too common" (I think it was Churchill who said this.) We value your efforts. Keep up the good work. I will help in whatever way I can. Thank you.

My neighborhood is rife with children with asthma and adults with cancer thanks to air pollution. Thanks for all you do to help clean things up!

I work with infants and young children aged 0-3years and I assure you that there is nothing more frightening than a young child gasping for air. NY has consistently been out of compliance with federal air standards and we are faced with ozone plumes that can travel as far as 200 miles forming in areas west of us in PA (due to gas development and exploration) being added to our load of toxic contaminants in our air from the Susquehanna Valley. It's not only our air but our surface water as well (65% of our water comes from river sources in the US; NYC is served by a vast reservoir system that is as yet unfiltered and exposed to any airborne chemicals that drift eastward with weather systems).

Thank you!

Thanks for your efforts to improve our air quality and for speaking up for "we, the people" because the corporations are interested in profits, not the environment. I live in Manhattan and have a view of ConEd's pollution coming from smokestacks outside my window. The question is which is better for health--getting fresh air and sunshine, or staying inside to avoid breathing polluted air?! Shouldn't even be a question! Thanks for your help.

Keep up the good work. The most important issue facing the world is clean air, land and water. If we don't take care of the environment, there will be no place to live. Our parks and oceans need protection. For the long term good, the environment must be rated number one priority.

Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.

Thanks for working to protect the air we breathe

Thank you for all that you're doing for the people of New York. Enough is enough. It's time for "We, the People" to be heard. It's past time for corporate polluters to be held accountable for their actions. Keep fighting the good fight.

I'm very proud of the work you are doing. If more communities had people like you, this world would be a better place. Thank you.

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