William Anderson

When the winds blow, a white powder from the fly ash ponds drifts towards homes on the reservation.

Profession: Chairman
Group Affiliation: Moapa Band of Paiutes

Clean Air Ambassador:

William Anderson

Moapa, Nevada

Air pollution has caused a great concern for my family and tribal members here on the reservation. When the winds blow, a white powder from the fly ash ponds drifts towards homes on the reservation, and there is nothing I can do to protect people from breathing the dust into their lungs. In the morning on a calm day, I can see a yellowish brown haze over the smoke stacks at the power plant.

Once, when an elder from the reservation went outside to work on his yard, he said that his skin was burning and he had to go back inside his home.

The high percentage of thyroid disease and respiratory problems is a big concern for the tribal members here on the reservation. We need a proper study from air monitoring equipment installed on the reservation to study the emissions we're breathing in. That would help determine what needs to be done for our people's health. We also need more stringent storage conditions for coal ash and a study to be conducted to show the health risks associated with breathing in coal ash.

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

Thank You for being our Clean Air Ambassador! I wish you luck and clearer air and skies. I'm sorry that the authorities do not do more to protect us. I will burn some sage for you and your tribe.

Thanks for being our Ambassador William! Isn't it crazy that we have to fight for the basic right to breathe clean air? Stay strong!

thanks william for tring clean the air in nv i just moved from reno nv and now live in tx i hope to come back to nv in the next few years. keeep working hard to keep nv air clean ruth mason

I too live in Fernley, NV and therefore I am very much aware of the air pollution and water pollution due to unabated mining leaking pollutants and arsenic in our water and the cement factory polluting our air with fine silica matter. It is shameful what our Government, local, state, and national allows industries and mines to do to our environment for profit and greed. People's health and whether we live or die is of little matter when it comes to the all mighty buck.

Is Clean Air important?
Is breathing important?
Is good health important?
Do you have a brain?

Fines against corporations have long since proven ineffective against decision-makers who hide behind the anonymity of the faceless corporations. It is time to take actions against the actual people who make the decisions, like dumping the toxic wastes in THEIR neighborhoods and into tTHEIR air and water.

I support clean air because I support life for my son and everyone who breathes.

I live in Fernley NV and the apartment complex where I live is close by a comment factory. I know that there is a lot of things in the air we breath. Since I am on disability and low income I can not move. We all need clean air to breath and stop the polluters from destroying the our environment. So I support you and the fight to clean up the air.

Thank you,

I live in Las Vegas and designed the Moapa Paiutes web site: http://moapapaiutes.com/ We think it is terrible the way the Moapa Paiute's are being treated and neglected as well as other native American tribes. In this day and age this is shameful and we stand behind William Anderson 100%.

Another example of the US government's persecution of Indiginous people. Drive them into near-uninhabitable reservations, steal their drinking water &/or pollute it by industry, and deprive them of clean air
We are a nation of greedy, selfish hypocrites unless we take action to CHANGE out those in power

we're behind you! Thanks for all you are doing for all of us!

I'm embarassed that a situation so dire exists in Nevada. I fully support your efforts to have further study, monitoring & enforcement of air quality standards In the Moapa area. Is there a state-wide organization involved with your work? If so, please email information and I will gladly join your efforts.
Thanks for your dedication to this issue.

Northern Nevada acitivist

My heart goes out to you and your community. Stand strong. We here in Missouri, fighting the siting of a CCW landfill, are proud of you. I remember a comment made about the falling ash...looking like snow that has always stuck with me. Tell your story and make them SEE what you experience. Blessings to you and your family.

thanks you for being active!

Thank you for your work, William. Your efforts are for the good of all -- even those who don't realize it -- and you are truly appreciated.

Even millionaires and billionaires have to breath air, so our Congressional bagmen should be falling all over themselves trying to keep their air clean.

Ask the 'officials', if you can, if they'd like to bring their offspring for a couple months vacation.

Thank you, William for working for clean air. It is time the people were given back the right to breathe clean air, and it is time for the polluters to be held accountable and to clean up their act. Cost to the corporations of cleanup should not be a consideration in regulations that are designed to protect our health. We the people own this country, and we have the right to clean air.

Thank you William, for telling it like it is. We, your Western Shoshone brothers and sisters, have been formally protesting coal-fired pollution in Nevada for some time.

We objected to permits to upgrade old units of the Reed Gardner Generating Station. The outdated facility is a major polluter of your Reservation needs to be retired!

We are very proud of you.

Thanks for all the great work you are doing on behalf of your people!

Oh sorry William, I didn't realize this was being sent to you. I was hoping this was going to a government offial. However, I am 100% behind what you do. Kodos to you! :)

Hi, I hope you will consider my huge concern. I am very concerned about our environment,especially how our actions affect our health. I believe we know to much for our own good.I am speaking of technology.I know you think you know more than I do,and you do. But just take a look at the way nature is being affected in a negetive way and that's how we're also being affected. How are we not to do anything about the toxins we put into the air daily?!! Please,really think about the impact you have on everyone's health,yours included. Thank You

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You have my support.

Thank you for all you do, William. You have my support.

Thank you for all you do, William. You have my support.

Thank you, William, for defending the right to breathe clean air. Good luck in D.C.!

Your story is heartbreaking.

Seems to me "thyroid disease and respiratory problems" are preventable diseases.

We should make the polluters pay for the healthcare of anyone they make sick. They should not be able to use the lungs of our kids as free pollution "scrubbers."

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