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Greenpeace Foundation

Greenpeace Foundation is a no-nonsense advocate for species conservation and biodiversity on a healthy planet. It is grounded both in science and in a reverence for life. It exists to help dedicated people make a difference in the world through smart, gutsy work; good science; and "bearing witness" to environmental problems to bring them into public scrutiny. Its primary focus is the marine ecosystem; and interaction of human activity with that ecosystem. It has taken up marine mammal and fisheries issues as important indicators of health of the seas. Greenpeace Foundation's work is based on innovation, action, efficiency and accountability in the service of life. Greenpeace Foundation is dedicated to solving and preventing environmental crises, preserving the ecosystem for future generations of people and animals to enjoy. As humans can speak for themselves, it is an unabashed advocate for species which cannot, upholding the founding ideals of the Greenpeace movement.