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New Jersey Environmental Federation

The New Jersey Environmental Federation (NJEF), the state chapter of Clean Water Action, is a non-profit, action-oriented organization developing a growing coalition of community, environmental, student and labor organizations able to act on a broad range of environmental issues. Through its lobbying in Trenton and Washington and its grassroots mobilization efforts, the Federation increases the pressure on corporations, communities, and government agencies to protect New Jersey's environment and public health and to secure safe and affordable drinking water.

NJEF promotes solid waste strategies without incineration, pollution cleanup and prevention, polluter pay policies, pesticide reduction practices, and the "right to know" about toxic chemicals. The Federation employs a professional staff of organizers and door-to-door and phone canvassers to activate members and allies.

Since its formation in 1982, NJEF has been influential in shaping environmental policy. Most recently, in 2000, it co-wrote and released a national report grading water utilities, including 115 from New Jersey, on their compliance with the 1996 federal Drinking Water Right To Know Law. In addition, NJEF worked in coalition with transportation and environmental allies to successfully obtain amendments to New Jersey's transportation plan to prioritize the repair of existing infrastructure and mass transit over new/expanded roads and sprawl.