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Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations

As its lengthy name makes clear, PCFFA is an "umbrella" group made up of diverse associations all along the west coast. PCFFA is, in fact, a federation of 25 different port and fishermen's marketing associations spanning the US west coast from San Diego to Alaska. It is funded principally through assessments on catches, collected at the local port level; those monies go to support local association activities and a portion is transmitted to PCFFA to fund activities affecting all of its member groups. It is a "bottom-up" organization, rather than "top-down"; it begins with the individual fishing man or woman belonging to their local association.

What PCFFA provides the individual fisherman is a vehicle to protect themselves and their industry, to assure the sustainable protection of the fragile resources we all depend upon, and a vehicle for empowerment. PCFFA provides fishermen a means to challenge and counter the dictates of big business or big government. PCFFA provides fishermen with a voice in their affairs, a say about their future.