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Policy & Legislation

Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice
Earthjustice's hard-won legal victories are often targeted by industry for legislative rollback. The Policy & Legislation team works on Capitol Hill to strengthen environmental laws and uphold our legal accomplishments.

Signature Work

When Earthjustice wins big environmental victories in court, anti-environmental interests in Washington, D.C. often try to have Congress to overturn those court decisions through legislation.

To solidify the enduring impact of our legal victories, the Policy & Legislation team in Washington, D.C. works with champions in Congress to craft legislation that supports and extends our gains. The Policy & Legislation team also works to protect and strengthen federal environmental laws, and to prevent legislative attempts to undermine environmental progress.

Earthjustice promotes citizen enforcement of environmental laws and fight for new safeguards that go beyond current standards. The Policy & Legislation team advocates for stronger laws safeguarding children from toxic chemicals, protecting clean water standards,and tackling climate change.

Recent News from Policy & Legislation:

Map of Earthjustice offices.

Contact Policy & Legislation Office

1625 Mass. Ave., NW, Ste. 702
Washington, D.C. 20036
(202) 745-5217


Marty Hayden VP, Policy & Legislation

Phone: (202) 745-5217

Jenifer Collins Legislative Assistant

Issue Area: Legislative staff support

Phone: (202) 745-5217

Andrea L. Delgado Legislative Representative

Issue Areas: Environmental health; pesticides (worker & child exposures); toxic chemicals (TSCA reform); solid & hazardous waste (coal ash, Superfund)

Phone: (202) 797-5240

Jessica Ennis Sr. Legislative Representative

Issue Areas: Oil & gas development; Arctic

Phone: (202) 745-5202

Chris Espinosa Legislative Representative

Issue Areas: Clean water (CWA); mountaintop removal (SMCRA)

Phone: (202) 745-5223

Raul Garcia Associate Legislative Counsel

Issue Areas: Oil & gas development; NEPA

Phone: (202) 797-5251

Rebecca Judd Sr. Legislative Counsel

Issue Areas: National forests; public lands; climate adaptation

Phone: (202) 745-5225

Stephanie Maddin Legislative Counsel

Issue Area: Clean Air Act Standards

Phone: (202) 745-5210

Marjorie Mulhall Legislative Counsel

Issue Areas: Endangered Species Act; California water; pesticides in waterways

Phone: (202) 745-5204

Sarah Saylor Sr. Legislative Representative

Issue Areas: Climate change / greenhouse gas controls; regional haze (Clean Air Act)

Phone: (202) 745-5216

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Regional Office: Spotlight Features

Defending the Endangered Species Act

In this interview, legislative counsel Marjorie Mulhall talks about her works with Congress and federal agencies to protect the Endangered Species Act and prevent legislative rollback of our legal victories.

Leveling the Playing Fields for Farmworkers

In a Q&A interview, Legislative Representative Andrea Delgado shares how her early introduction to politics and ease among unfamiliar audiences serve her well in advocating on Capitol Hill for stronger environmental health regulations for all people.

Invasion of the Clean Air Army

More than one hundred citizens came from every state in the Union—and from many of its most polluted places—with a message for every legislator in Washington, D.C.: Industry is killing us with poisons they put into our air, our water, our communities.

When Lobbying is a Good Thing

Lobbying is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government. There is bad lobbying and, as I learned, there is good.