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Shavonne Saroyan

Title: Executive Assistant

Shavonne is the assistant to Earthjustice’s president, senior vice president of operations, strategic advisor, general counsel and the board of trustees. She also provides assistance to other senior managers, coordinates internal meetings and is the person you call when you can’t find an answer to your question. Shavonne joined Earthjustice in 2000, fulfilling her wish to work for a nonprofit dedicated to preserving our resources and world. Prior to that she was the director of operations for Vesper Society, a healthcare organization. Shavonne also spent many years as a consultant in the hospitality industry traveling around the world evaluating luxury properties where her interest in resource renewal was born.

Shavonne, a native of San Francisco, lives in Oakland with her husband and her 90 pound lap dog, and is an avid gardener. Shavonne received her Bachelor of Arts from UC Santa Cruz and Master of Arts in public administration from California State University.