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Advocacy Campaign

Oceans: Building Resilient Ecosystems

When federal agencies responsible for protecting coral fall short, what can we do? Take Action.


Coral and Parrotfish: The Fight for Recovery

Earthjustice sued the National Marine Fisheries service to better protect coral, and won. The 2013 decision will help protect parrotfish and coral, but only if the National Marine Fisheries Service uses the new data to improve management. The agency must do more to restore Caribbean reefs.

How a Biology Geek became an Ocean Lawyer

As a kid, the ocean gave me a sense of awe and belonging. I loved the other-worldly creatures of the sea and all the unexpected ways they interact with one another. I still love to be outside, in the water, exploring and observing the natural world. So why, in the name of all that is good and sensible, did I become a lawyer?

Ocean Ecosystems are on the Brink.

Humans depend on the ocean for food, commerce and inspiration—but overfishing, pollution and now climate change are presenting unprecedented threats to the marine ecosystem.

Industrial fishing fleets are decimating the forage fish species that are at the foundation of the ocean food web. This impacts salmon, tuna, swordfish, whales, sea birds and fishing communities who depend on a healthy ocean.

We're making waves and mobilizing citizens to build a more resilient ocean.

Earthjustice fights to end overfishing of forage fish in the Atlantic and Pacific—a critical piece of our organization’s overall strategy to build a more resilient ocean. Our long-term goal is to establish sustainable fisheries that feed people while keeping the ocean’s ecosystem intact.

We are building an army of ocean activists who advocate for strong state, regional and federal fisheries management. In court, our attorneys advocate for ecosystem-wide planning rather than fragmented, single-species regulations.

Earthjustice works with and for fishing communities to protect ocean ecosystems that can provide economic and recreational bounty forever—if managed properly.

Join us by taking action today.