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Mountain Heroes Come To The Streets of D.C.

The faces of Earthjustice's Mountain Heroes, those courageous people from the coalfields whose lives are afflicted by mountaintop removal mining and who are standing up against it, are now staring down politicians in Congress and their staffs, as well as White House and agency staff, reminding them that they are allowing this abuse to continue. 

For several months, billboards of these Mountain Heroes—Sid, James, Karen, Ken and Donetta—have been positioned in all three D.C.-area airports to face elected officials, policy makers and the general public as they arrive and depart on their travels. They have also appeared on the pages of INC., Fast Company and Mother Jones magazines.

And now the Mountain Heroes have officially come to the streets of D.C. The billboards pictured here are all over the nation's capitol, especially in high-traffic areas and all around federal government buildings.

Mountain Heroes billboard in a bus shelter in Washington, D.C.

The Obama administration and the 112th Congress can run but they can't hide from this growing movement to protect Appalachians and stop mountaintop removal mining. These billboards are their call to action: It is time to stop the tragedy of mountaintop removal mining and protect the people of Appalachia.

In addition to catching the attention of policy makers in D.C., it is our hope that these billboards cross the eyes of people who have never even heard of mountaintop removal mining, and raise their awareness of one of the most pressing environmental justice issues of our time.

Help us build this movement! Join the fight to save mountains, waters and communities in Appalachia, now by adding your photo to our online photo petition—tell the Obama administration why you think need we need to stop mountaintop removal mining. Join the nearly 800 people who have already posted their photos for this cause!

And then share the petition with your friends; help us spread the word and recruit more allies. Together, we can save mountains!