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Journalists Expose Fracking Cover Up

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18 January 2013, 11:21 AM
Earthjustice attorneys in court to expose industry secrets
Tap water is lit on fire, as seen in the fracking documentary Gasland.

New uncovered documents show that fracking company Range Resources persuaded the Environmental Protection Agency to drop its investigation into water contamination of a Texas home—in spite of the fact that preliminary testing showed that the company could have been responsible for cancer causing benzene and flammable methane in the family’s drinking water.

Take the time to read this very well-reported exclusive from Associated Press. It’s nothing short of infuriating to hear how industry and regulators colluded and hid the truth from this family—and the American public. From the AP article:

For Steve Lipsky, the EPA decision seemed to ignore the dangers in his well, which he says contains so much methane that the gas in water pouring out of a garden hose can be ignited.

"I just can't believe that an agency that knows the truth about something like that, or has evidence like this, wouldn't use it," said Lipsky, who fears he will have to abandon his dream home in an upscale neighborhood of Weatherford.

The country is in the midst of a domestic oil and gas drilling rush enabled by hydraulic fracturing or fracking—in which millions of gallons of chemically treated water is injected into the ground to force out oil and gas. As fracking operations edge ever closer to the places where people live, work, and play, people deserve to know the risks associated with this controversial practice and, more importantly to be protected from them.

But the oil and gas industry is dead-set on keeping this information from the public. Again and again we’ve seen the oil and gas industry try to hide chemical information, fight journalists seeking the truth, and silence families to prevent them from speaking out.

Thankfully, Earthjustice attorneys are fighting hard to expose this industry’s dangerous secrets. Northeast office Managing Attorney Deborah Goldberg was in court today to argue that doctors and researchers need access to any and all information about the health impacts associated with fracking.

And on Tuesday, Northern Rockies Managing Attorney Tim Preso will be arguing in court that Wyoming regulators were wrong to rubber-stamp industry requests to hide chemical information from the public. 

Anybody who doesn't have to live next to one of these rigs has no business saying that others should have to be subject to it. The animals go away as well as the birds. There isn't even quiet. The industrial noise of the rigs and the trucks are 24/7. Humans are not made to live like this.

Please sign our petition to put a moratorium on fracking in Colorado. They're clobbering us out here. Weld County is trashed. They're out to destroy the entire front range.

If you are interested in this topic, please consider visiting my blog on fracking; Blows Against the Fracking Empire, at:

In it, I gather current news about this important topic so that you don't have to do the searching yourself. Facts are given citations, and opinions clearly delineated as such. Let it be a resource for you.

If you like your reading to be entertaining, the first fiction novel about fracking is out, and is available here: (the first 2 chapters are available there to sample for free)

Although it is an action/adventure story about fighting fracking, the Appendices of the book are full of useful resources for community action and practical tips for what you, the reader, can do to protect your community and become active in this cause.

We are going to have a dead planet if we keep up this insanity, dishonesty and greed!!!!

We must stop this insanity!!! Develop new and alternative energies, save the planet, save the humans, save all species, and hold energy, fossil fuel companies accountable for their failures to protect all from this kind of ecological and health atrocities!

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Those 2 little Jensen boys died from FRACKING on the western slope ..they had FUMES AND YELLOW DISCHARGE coming from thier noses..the mother was in the hospital throwing up blood they stapled her THROAT ( THERE WAS A HOLE IN HER THROAT)

Where was this ? Can you provide more info ?

Where was this ? Can you provide more info ?

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