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Founder of Latino Outdoors José González (right) talks about his group’s efforts to encourage Latinos to connect with the great outdoors and to shine light on the conservationism so pervasive in the Latino culture.

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Editor’s note: José González is an experienced educator and the founder of Latino Outdoors, a Latino-led organization working to create a national community of leaders in conservation and outdoor education. He was featured in Grist’s 50 People You’ll be Talking about in 2016.

Photo courtesy Green for All

Este blog está disponible en español aquí.

African American churches have been on the frontlines of the most important social movements of the last century. The movements begin at the pulpit, with preachers stirring their congregation to action via Sunday sermons that link spirituality and faith to a greater calling.

Dolores Huerta and Edward James Olmos

This is a guest post by Irene Vilar. She is the founder of The Americas for Conservation and the Arts, the mother organization of The Americas Latino Festival, and the first nonprofit literary agency in the U.S., Vilar Creative Agency, dedicated to the dissemination of minority literature of the Americas.

Este blog está disponible en español aquí.

A coal ash pond at the Duke Energy Cape Fear Plant that has been here since 1985.

Coal ash is a nationwide problem and is responsible for high-profile drinking water contamination, air pollution and public health threats. On July 28, Earthjustice Legislative Representative Andrea Delgado sat down with Buenos Dias D.C host Nestor Bravo on Univision in Washington, D.C. to explain what coal ash is, where it comes from, why we need regulations to protect communities and the opposition these safeguards face in Congress. Nearly 70 percent of coal ash waste ponds are located in communities of color and low-income communities.


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