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The Port of Oakland has already rejected a similar proposal for a bulk coal export facility.

Oakland, California, long overshadowed by its neighbor across the Bay, San Francisco, has recently emerged as a magnet for young technology companies and progressive green businesses.  Now, a private developer’s backroom deal with Utah coal-producing counties may sign the city on to house the West Coast’s largest coal export terminal, throwing Oakland back into the dark ages by shipping an outdated and dying commodity.

Margaret Gordon, co-founder of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project.

Earlier this month, as part of Women’s History Month, we celebrated the life and legacy of environmental activist and pioneer Rachel Carson.  It is equally important to celebrate the strong women making history today and breaking new ground in the environmental justice movement. 

During my morning commute from Oakland to San Francisco, I walk through streets of modestly sized houses with plum trees overhanging the sidewalks. My neighborhood is home to a changing mix of residents, from families who have been on the block for decades to young tech workers recently relocated from San Francisco. Cutting over to Telegraph Avenue, I pass new coffee shops, yoga studios and galleries that have sprouted up between the hardware stores and Korean restaurants lining the street.

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