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Earthjustice is representing Restore the Delta to oppose a massive diversion of fresh water from California’s Delta for Governor Jerry Brown's proposed “Twin Tunnels” project.

Like the roots of an ancient oak tree, California’s two largest rivers, the Sacramento and the San Joaquin, carve twisting, gnarled channels into the Central Valley as they converge to form the Delta. The Delta occupies over 1,000 square miles of the state’s interior, connecting water flowing from the mountains that surround the valley to the Pacific Ocean via its vast network of channels, sloughs and marshes. The Delta hosts wetland and aquatic ecosystems critical to the well-being of the state’s wildlife and human inhabitants.

New technology, from solar planes to WaveSpotters, is propelling the world toward a renewable energy revolution.

Renewable energy innovation is sweeping the world like an electrical storm. The U.S., Mexico and Canada have pledged to draw half of North America’s power from clean energy sources by 2025, and cities around the globe, from San Francisco to Sydney, are working on their own plans to use 100 percent renewable power.

Ruth Peterkin/Shutterstock

Coral reefs are suffering on a global scale. In late 2015, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that a third global coral bleaching event was beginning to unfold. Since then, warming temperatures have led to coral bleaching from Hawaii to the Caribbean, causing unprecedented damage to coral reefs worldwide. Reefs in the southern portions of Florida have also begun to disintegrate as a result of ocean acidification.


Weighing in at 2,000 pounds and stretching 7 feet long, the Pacific leatherback sea turtle is the largest turtle on earth. Boasting the widest range of any reptile on the planet, it traverses the globe, swimming nearly 7,000 miles from its nesting beaches in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands across the Pacific Ocean to feeding grounds off the U.S. West Coast.

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We’re looking ahead to exciting new casework and courtroom battles to protect the wild, improve the health of communities across the U.S. and transition our country to renewable energy. But as we prepare to dive into our 2016 docket, let’s not forget the biggest stories of 2015. Earthjustice has covered events across the environmental spectrum, from the battle to keep Shell’s Arctic drilling rigs out of Seattle to the proliferation of pesticides on GM crops in Hawai‛i.

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