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Over a year ago, mothers, students and asthmatics reminded the EPA that its job is to protect public health and the environment and to make sure the air we breathe is clean. Some of them traveled six hours by bus to tell their stories.

For example, Anne Morton attended a hearing last January and made an impassioned plea to the EPA:

“We don't have anybody else. We depend on you. Who is our advocate if you're not?”

Coal fired power plant

Recently, the EPA finalized a rule that closes critical loopholes in clean air protections and will help save lives and keep many people from unnecessary asthma attacks. The rule grows out of Earthjustice’s work representing several local and national environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club, in two successful cases in 2008 and 2014.

Smokestacks loom up from a hazy sky, tinged with orange, at sunset.

Today the D.C. Circuit rejected an EPA attempt to delay the deadline for cities and counties to bring unhealthy levels of ozone pollution—also known as smog—down to safe levels. The court also rejected the EPA’s attempt to prematurely let some areas out of an important pollution control requirement designed to permanently lower smog levels. We represented NRDC in the case.

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