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Picnics not Pipelines

The Latest On: Picnics not Pipelines

June 14, 2012 | Feature

Down to Earth

Down to Earth is an audio podcast about the news, events and personalities of Earthjustice. Hear from attorneys, clients, scientific experts and other guests on the different aspects of Earthjustice's litigation work. New episodes are released monthly.

July 22, 2011 | Blog Post

Good News: YOUR Voice Is Being Heard

If—as an Earthjustice supporter and activist—you ever wondered whether your letters and emails to government officials had an impact, we've got news that should give you heart.

June 9, 2011 | Feature

Map of Proposed MARC I Line

The 39-mile pipeline would be built and operated by the Central New York Oil and Gas Company. It would run through Bradford, Sullivan and Lycoming Counties in Pennsylvania, crossing high quality streams in the Endless Mountains and disturbing some 610 acres and leaving 238 acres permanently altered.