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Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine: Spring 2013

Cover of the Spring 2013 issue. Photo by Chris Jordan-Bloch.
Issue 122
Spring 2013
Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine
is a publication of Earthjustice.
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Walt Desatoff drives past an oil rig near his home in Shafter, CA. Desatoff has seen several of the rigs sprout up near his home in the past few years. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice) Going to Extremes
in California
California, here it comes—a surge of extreme energy methods like fracking that aren't regulated and potentially threaten the Golden State's water, air and health.
Walt Desatoff looks out the window of his bedroom at the oil field across the street from his home in Shafter, California. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Photo Essay: Fracking in the Golden State
Earthjustice attorneys Sarah Burt and George Torgun, with their son Robin. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
"Lawyers in Love"
Interactive map showing locations of reported fracking-related accidents.


Trip Van Noppen, president of Earthjustice.

From the President

Trip Van Noppen

Going to Extremes
is Bad Energy Policy
U.S. Capitol.

From The Hill

Marty Hayden

An Exit Promise:
Toxic Reform
Map of the United States.


| Tom Turner

Current Cases, Issues, and Victories

Just Dessert

| Shirley Hao

Wisdom's Ageless Inspiration


Joan Mulhern, in 2008. In Memory,
Joan Mulhern
By the time Joan Mulhern died,
she was legendary in the fight against mountaintop removal mining.
Wolverine. (AYImages / iStockphoto) Winning One for the Wolverine Managing Attorney Tim Preso uses wolverine tactics to protect these endangered animals.
A fire at a California junkyard. (Jesse Marquez) Recycling's Dark Side Recycling is a great idea—unless you live next to a site pouring toxins into your neighborhood. Across America, it's a matter of environmental justice.
Vernice Miller-Travis leads a workshop. (Steven R. McCaw) Conversation: Vernice Miller-Travis There's a reason why people of color, low-income populations and immigrants live near toxic places like dumps, says the renowned environmental justice advocate. Listen to the full interview.


Nesting gentoo penguins on Peterman Island, Antarctica. (Rebecca Jackrel)
Nesting gentoo penguins on Peterman Island, Antarctica. A freelance photographer and Earthjustice supporter, Rebecca Jackrel is based in San Francisco, CA.
A butterfly. (Mike Stavrinakis)



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Chris Jordan-Bloch
Walt Desatoff stands by an oil field next to his home in Shafter, CA.
Going to Extremes:
Chris Jordan-Bloch
Oil rigs in California's Central Valley.
Fracking in the Golden State:
Chris Jordan-Bloch
Desatoff looks out the window of his bedroom at the oil field across the street from his home.
"Lawyers in Love":
Chris Jordan-Bloch
Attorneys Sarah Burt and George Torgun, with their son Robin.
On the Hill, Just Dessert:
Loetus Creative
AYImages / iStockphoto
The wolverine is among the rarest mammals in the lower-48 states and faces severe threats from habitat fragmentation and climate change.
Recycling's Dark Side:
Jesse Marquez
A fire at a junkyard in Wilmington, CA on June 5, 2010.
Steven R. McCaw
Vernice Miller-Travis speaks on environmental justice issues.
Arctic Drilling:
PO1 Sara Francis /
U.S. Coast Guard
Shell Oil's drilling unit Kulluk sits aground on Sitkalidak Island, AK, on January 1, 2013.