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Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine: Winter 2012

Cover of the Winter 2012 issue. Illustration by Ray Wan.
Issue 121
Winter 2012
Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine
is a publication of Earthjustice.
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Illustration by Ray Wan. Shaken by Storm As Americans rise up after superstorm Sandy and demand action on climate change, Earthjustice plans for a clean energy future.
Trip Van Noppen. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Bill McKibben. (Nancie Battaglia)


Map of the United States.


| Tom Turner

Current Cases, Issues, and Victories


What You Don't Know Can Kill You Cancer may lurk in products you commonly use—but the chemical industry has quashed your right to know about them.
Sandra and her son Elijah: 'You realize that you, as a parent, can't allow the world to be like this for your children to inherit.' (Carrie Branovan for Organic Valley) Conversation:
Sandra Steingraber
The noted ecologist explores the links between human rights and the toxic chemicals in our lives.


Brown Pelican lands at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, CA. (Rick Lewis)
A brown pelican lands at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, CA. Rick Lewis is a frequent Your Photo contributor to Magazine.
A butterfly. (Mike Stavrinakis)



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Ray Wan
Shaken by Storm:
Ray Wan
All-Out Strategy:
Chris Jordan-Bloch
President Trip Van Noppen by San Francisco's Bay Bridge.
A Changing Climate:
Ray Wan
Bill McKibben:
Nancie Battaglia
On the Hill, Just Dessert:
Loetus Creative
What You Don't Know:
Carrie Branovan for Organic Valley
Sandra and her son Elijah.
Heroes Tell White House:
Chris Jordan-Bloch
In front of the White House, hundreds of rally participants stood behind the Mountain Heroes photo petition banner.
Your Photo:
Rick Lewis
Brown pelican at Huntington Beach, CA.