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Borden Ranch Supreme Court Briefs

Opening Briefs -- Borden Ranch Partnership and amici in support (August 2002)

Borden Ranch Partnership and Angelo K. Tsakopoulos (petitioners): Download PDF

States of Alabama, Alaska, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia (amici): Download PDF

American Farm Bureau Federation and Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina State Farm Bureau Federations (amici): Download PDF

American Forest & Paper Association (amicus): Download PDF

California Farm Bureau Federation, California Cattlemen's Association, and Pacific Legal Foundation (amici): Download PDF

National Association of Home Builders (amicus): Download PDF

National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, American Road and Transportation Builders Association, and the Nationwide Public Projects Coalition (amici): Download PDF

Save Our Shoreline (amicus): Download PDF

Responsive Briefs -- Corps of Engineers and amici in support (October 2002)

United States Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency (respondents): Download PDF

National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, and National Audubon Society (amici): Download PDF

Dr. Joy Zedler, Dr. Gene Likens, Dr. Ronald Jones, Dr. Rebecca R. Sharitz, Dr. Joseph Larson, Dr. Barbara Bedford, Dr. Judith Meyer, Dr. Leigh H. Fredrickson, Dr. Orie Loucks, Dr. Raymond Semlitsch, Dr. Christopher Woltemade, Dr. John Callaway, Dr. Klaus O. Richter, Dr. Stuart Findlay, and Dr. Frederick Short (amici): Download PDF

States of New Jersey, Hawaii, and West Virginia (amici): Download PDF

Association of State Wetlands Managers (amici): Download PDF

Reply Brief -- Borden Ranch Partnership (November 2002)

Borden Ranch Partnership and Angelo K. Tsakopoulos (petitioners): Download PDF