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Foul Fish: Name That Fish!

Humans are exposed to mercury primarily through eating contaminated fish. Learn more by reading about the king mackerel (aka, "Unholy Mackerel"), the walleye (aka, "Walleye Be Damned"), the bluefin tuna (aka "Blue Infection Tuna"), and the wild striped bass (aka, "Lanced Bass").

These fish have been contaminated by mercury and have been named appropriately by Earthjustice members. Thank you to all who participated in the "Name That Fish!" contest!

Meet the Foul Fish

Click on the images below for more information on each fish.

Foul Fish: King Mackerel - Named
King Mackerel
Foul Fish: Walleye - Named!
Foul Fish: Bluefin Tuna - Named!
Bluefin Tuna
Foul Fish: Striped Bass - Named!
Wild Striped Bass

Fish Consumption Advisories

Each state in the U.S. issues fish and wildlife consumption advisories, informing the public of health risks posed by consuming fish with high levels of contaminants. The advisories provide recommendations for species of fish that the public should limit eating, based on the type of contaminant found in the fish and where it was caught.

The king mackerel, walleye, and wild striped bass have all been the subject of advisories due to high levels of mercury. Click on the images of the fish above for information on advisories issued for each of the Foul Fish.

Detailed information on all advisories can be found on the EPA's listing of local and national fish advisories.

Graphic of mercury fish advisories for the king mackerel, walleye, albacore tuna, and walleye.