Right to Breathe
Photo of clean air.
Clean air should be a fundamental right. Every year, many Americans young and old get sick because of air pollution. Thousands die. But our lungs don’t have to be the dumping ground for dirty industries.
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In The Shadow Of The Stacks

About This Film: Coal-fired power plants are the nation's worst toxic air polluters. The pollution from these plants have serious impacts on health—including causing premature death. Hear from Earthjustice Attorney Jim Pew, who has worked for more than a decade to clean up coal plants, and two Pennsylvanians—Marti Blake and Martin Garrigan—who know firsthand what it means to live in the shadow of a smokestack and the specter of a plume.

An In-Depth Report Up to 35,700 premature deaths can be prevented in the United States every year if the Environmental Protection Agency strengthens the health standards for fine particulate matter—also known as soot—according to this report, Sick of Soot: How the EPA Can Save Lives by Cleaning Up Fine Particle Pollution, prepared by the American Lung Association, Clean Air Task Force and Earthjustice.

Behind the Scenes Chris Jordan-Bloch.Multimedia Producer Chris Jordan-Bloch writes on our blog about the making of this film: In the Shadow of the Stacks


Related: On December 21, 2011, the Obama administration issued the first-ever limits on power plants' emissions of mercury, arsenic and other toxic pollutants. Earthjustice played a critical role in achieving these critical protections.

Learn about the devastating impacts on public health caused by coal plant pollution, and how years of Earthjustice's determined litigation on behalf of community, environmental and public health groups, has ushered in a new era where coal plant pollution no longer sickens and kills: In the Shadow of a Smokestack