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Map of Proposed MARC I Line

The 39-mile pipeline, shown in red in the map below, would be built and operated by the Central New York Oil and Gas Company. It would run through Bradford, Sullivan and Lycoming Counties in Pennsylvania, crossing high quality streams in the Endless Mountains and disturbing some 610 acres and leaving 238 acres permanently altered.

General Reference Map of Proposed MARC I Line. (Click to enlarge.)

Satellite Map of Proposed MARC I Line.
(Click to enlarge.)

View Proposed Pipeline in a larger map

What You Can Do: Take Action To Speak Out

Whether you live in the Pennsylvania counties that will be directly affected by the pipeline or you are concerned about the impacts of the unprecedented gas drilling boom currently taking place, you have a chance to speak out on the MARC I pipeline that would cut through through the pristine Endless Mountains region.
Here's how you can get involved:

Participate in the FERC Public Comment Period

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the agency responsible for approving the MARC I line project. FERC is taking comments from the general public on this project only until July 11.

Please take a moment to remind FERC that they must do a thorough environmental study of the project.

Take action:


2. Contact Your Local County Commissioners

If you live in the counties that the pipeline will be built through (Bradford, Sullivan and Lycoming Counties in Pennsylvania), please sign a petition asking them to step in and oppose the project—at least until a full environmental review has been prepared.

Our goal is to have signatures from 3,315 residents from Bradford County, 300 residents from Sullivan County, and 710 residents from Lycoming County—representing the largest margin of victory in each county's most recent county commissioner election. Those are the kind of numbers that will matter to your elected officials!

Take action:



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