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With all the threats facing our environment—from deadly pesticides and deforestation to attacks on endangered species —the time to act is now!

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Restoring Stream Flow in Hawai`i

In Hawai'i, water belongs to the people. Yet, for more than a century, corporate interests have drained rivers and streams dry for their private gain, leaving little or nothing for local and Native Hawaiian communities. Starting in 1994, Earthjustice took on these water barons, first in O'ahu and now in Maui, and our litigation efforts have culminated in a landmark Hawai'i Supreme Court decision reaffirming the public's right to flowing streams. But the fight is far from over. Check out our new video timelines and a Down to Earth podcast with Earthjustice attorneys Kapua Sproat and Isaac Moriwake to learn more about how Earthjustice is working with Hawaiian communities to protect these precious resources.

Restoring Streams, Restoring Life Story
This timeline features commentary from community members and local leaders involved with Hawaii's long battle over water rights, including Charlie Reppun, a Waiahole kalo farmer who saw firsthand the crop devastation that resulted from the loss of streamflows.

Restoring Streams, Restoring Life Timeline
This timeline showcases the long struggle that Hawaiians have endured over water rights since the first sugar plantations arrived in the 1800s and attempted to privatize this public resource. It also highlights the various legal actions that Earthjustice has taken over the past two decades in an effort to restore Hawaii's public water rights.