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How Safe Is Your State?

In response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by Earthjustice and our partners, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has revealed the existence of at least 1,400 coal ash dump sites across the country. These sites pose significant cancer and health risks that so far have gone unchecked. (Fact sheets include detailed analysis based on data available and full citations for statistics.)

See the full list of responses from power plants about their coal ash ponds and landfills: PDF or XLSX

For more information on coal ash ponds and landfills in the southeast, please visit Southeast Coal Ash Waste, a website managed by our coalition partners at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Spotlight Features

Coal Ash Contaminated Sites & Hazard Dams

Coal ash is the toxic waste formed from burning coal in power plants to make electricity. Hundreds of contaminated sites and spills have occurred among the 1,400+ coal ash waste dumps across the country.

Little Blue: A Broken Promise

A small community was promised a recreational dream. Instead, they got a toxic nightmare. In this video, watch their battle against coal ash, a toxic waste that is polluting hundreds of similar communities across America.

The Coal Ash Problem

Coal ash is filled with toxic levels of multiple pollutants—which can poison drinking water sources. See the infographic, and learn how you can help to solve the coal ash problem.