Restore Stream Flow
Photo of stream being diverted.
Plantations diverted many Hawaiian streams to water fields, drying out and destroying the native life and Hawaiian communities connected with those streams. Now that plantations are in decline, the water can be restored to the native streams.
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TAKE ACTION: Support Stream Flow in Maui

Water in Hawaiʻi is a public trust resource, protected under the State constitution and Water Code. Government agencies, including the Water Commission, have a duty to protect and restore ecological uses, traditional and customary Hawaiian practices, recreation, and scenic values. "Instream flow standards" are the minimum flows necessary to sustain these uses and are the primary tool to protect streams and the public uses dependent upon them.

Hui o Na Wai ʻEha and Maui Tomorrow, represented by Earthjustice, are petitioning the State Commission on Water Resource Management to stop wasteful water diversions and to restore the Waiheʻe, North & South Waiehu, ʻĪao, and Waikapu Streams, traditionally known as "Nā Wai ʻEha" or "The Four Great Waters."

Hawaiʻi residents should contact state and local officials and let them know that you support stream restoration in Nā Wai ʻEha: