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Water Warrior: An Interview With David Guest

About This Film: Earthjustice Managing Attorney David Guest talks about the threat to the health and wealth of Florida's citizens posed by toxic algae outbreaks. The outbreaks are caused by pollutants from sewage, fertilizer and manure that big business pump into Florida's waterways. Earthjustice, on behalf of several local groups, has filed suit to establish limits on these pollutants that will help end this public health problem.

Clean Water For Florida:
Many of the postcard-perfect blue waters that make Florida a tourist mecca are coming up green and choked with nasty, toxic algae. The culprit behind this environmental and economic crisis? Pollution caused by inadequately treated sewage, manure and fertilizer. Learn more!

Behind the Scenes
Managing Attorney David Guest discusses his work in "It Takes Heart To Keep Florida's Waterways Clean".

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