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Kalama Coal Plant Kiboshed

Another new dirty coal plant stopped

After hearing from Earthjustice attorneys, officials in Washington state turned down a permit needed to build a proposed new dirty coal plant. Washington state has a law requiring any new power plants to be at least as clean as natural gas fired plants or capture any excess carbon pollution and find a way to store it permanently.

Couldn't do it

The coal plant backers told the state the technology needed to capture and store the global warming pollution their plant would spew isn't here yet. The state officials said that if all plants waited for the necessary technology to become mainstream, it never would become standard practice.

Green alternative

New government analyses show that a few simple energy conservation techniques, widely used elsewhere in the nation, could easily save the region the amount of energy the dirty coal plant would supply. Tighten up the weather stripping, swap those old windows for double-paned models and get rid of old household appliances built with 1970's technology and you'd make up the difference. Simpler too.