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8 Reasons Why Scott Pruitt Should Not Head The EPA

Senators on the Environment & Public Works Committee questioned Scott Pruitt on his record and his positions, giving the American public an opportunity to fully understand the impact that a Pruitt-led EPA will have on public health and the environment. Here are eight key moments from his confirmation hearing.

What You Should Know About Ryan Zinke & The Interior Department

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Ryan Zinke to serve as Secretary of Interior, a position that oversees management of a substantial amount of the nation’s public lands, wildlife and industrial development. Here’s what you should know about Zinke, the powers he’ll have, and the agencies he will lead if confirmed.

An Earthjustice Year In Pictures

In 2016, thanks to the generous investment and partnership of our supporters, more than one hundred Earthjustice attorneys pursued hundreds of legal cases on behalf of clients across the country. Take a look back at a few moments from Earthjustice’s work this year, from a community in Albany's South End to a Pacific island, from the halls of Capitol Hill to the court of law.

What You Should Know About Scott Pruitt & The EPA

President-elect Donald Trump has announced Scott Pruitt as his pick for EPA Administrator. A polluter lobbyist is not qualified to keep our air and water clean. Here’s what you should know about Pruitt and the agency he will head, if confirmed.

What You Should Know About Jeff Sessions & The U.S. Attorney General

President-elect Donald Trump has announced Jeff Sessions, a Republican senator from Alabama, as his pick for Attorney General, a critical post that can affect everything from environmental law to civil rights. He is an untenable choice for Attorney General. Here’s what you should know about Sen. Sessions and the powers he will get, if confirmed.


How To Love Our Food

On the food we eat, how it gets to our plates, and what we can do to make our food production healthier for ourselves and for the planet. In conversation with Mark Bittman, Peter Lehner of Earthjustice, and Marcia DeLonge of Union of Concerned Scientists.

Growing Change

They told Jim Cochran no one cared about healthy food and healthy workers. He decided to prove them wrong. This is his story.

A Line In The Sand

Coal ash is the toxic waste created by coal-fired power plants. It is polluting communities all across America. This is the story of one of those places: La Belle, Pennsylvania.