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With all the threats facing our environment—from deadly pesticides and deforestation to attacks on endangered species —the time to act is now!

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Maryland and Fracking

Frack Target: Marcellus Shale

Water Resources at Stake: Potomac River, Youghiogheny River, Deep Creek Lake

Maryland is home to a relatively small slice of the Marcellus shale that runs along the western panhandle of the state. But the potential impacts to drinking water could be huge. Recognizing the risk to the state’s 5.7 million residents, state legislators have so far been cautious about allowing gas development in the state.

Below is a map of some of the high profile incidents ("fraccidents") related to the country's gas drilling boom that have already occurred in and around Maryland. Click on any fraccident to learn more.

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Close Fracking Pollution Loopholes:

Tell Congress: It's time for them to stand up to industry and stand up for public health.

Thanks to exemptions from our bedrock environmental laws, oil and gas drilling operations don't have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Three bills introduced in Congress would change this: The FRESHER, BREATHE and FRAC Acts.

These bills would eliminate exemptions and loopholes in the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act being exploited by the oil and gas industry. Please ask your member of Congress to support these bills! Take Action.

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