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City officials begin cleanup on Staten Island landfill

A Staten Island landfill is finally being cleaned up after three decades thanks to an Earthjustice lawsuit brought on behalf of the Northern Great Kills Civic Association against the city of New York for cleanup delays.

Part of a 1982 federal investigation into illegal dumping at five New York City landfills, Brookfield Landfill is the last to be remediated after tens of thousands of gallons of toxic industrial waste were dumped at the site between 1974 and 1980. Although ultimately the investigation sent a city Department of Sanitation official and a hauling operator to prison, residents and officials from the Great Kills section of the island fought for years to keep the issue of the clean-up where it needed to be—front and center.

Their efforts finally paid off a year and a half after Earthjustice filed the suit on behalf of the civic association. Earthjustice attorneys will continue to stay on the case to ensure that the cleanup remains on track.

"Those convicted of dumping this toxic waste have long ago served their time," said Earthjustice attorney Keri Powell. "But now, finally, these residents can reclaim their community from contamination."