Photos: An Interview with Wildlife Photographer Tom Murphy

An Interview with
Tom Murphy
Interview by Jessica A. Knoblauch
Photos & Captions by Tom Murphy
Wildlife photographer Tom Murphy is well known for documenting the beauty and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. In these interview excerpts, he shares photos and experiences from decades of hiking, camping and skiing across Yellowstone, a place he refers to as "one of the finest wild land ecosystems in the world."


Yellowstone grizzly bear. (Jim Peaco / NPS)
Court Gives Grizzlies Something To Sleep On

In an ecosystem where all life is interrelated and connected, the decline of one life form can precipitate the decline of another. In other words, as the whitebark pine seeds go, so go the Yellowstone grizzlies.

Doug Chadwick. (Rick Yates)
Down to Earth
Keeping the Wolverine Wild

Douglas H. Chadwick is a wildlife biologist and journalist. He spoke about his experiences working as a volunteer on a five-year study of Glacier National Park's wolverines.

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