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Elk in Yellowstone National Park.
Representing national and local organizations around the country, Earthjustice's legal victories ensure that our wildlife, waterways, and public lands are preserved—not just for this generation, but for those yet to come.
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Teleconference: Let the River Flow - The Fight to Save Salmon

Let the River Flow
The Fight to Save Salmon
Teleconference With
Managing Attorney Todd True
Length: 55 min 13 sec
Recorded: October 17, 2013

Salmon are a key indicator of ecosystem health for most major west coast river systems. Once abundant, these fish have been pushed to the brink of extinction by overstretched water resources, dam construction, pollution, and development.

For over a quarter century, Earthjustice has been fighting to help salmon survive and recover, on behalf of recreational and commercial fishermen, conservation groups, and Native American tribes. Much of this litigation has focused on ensuring adequate flows of cool, high quality water at the right times in the West's salmon-producing rivers to sustain the fish.

Managing Attorney Todd True discusses the work Earthjustice is doing to protect and restore these iconic species of our western landscape and their habitat. The conversation was held on October 17, 2013 and moderated by National Press Secretary Kari Birdseye.

Saving Salmon:
The multitudes of salmon once known by rivers like the Columbia, Sacramento and Klamath are mostly memories—victims of dams, habitat loss, water diversions and other human-caused problems. Earthjustice is working to change that: